Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

So just briefly, what is Supanova?

Supanova is a pop culture event that brings local and international Supa-Star guests to our events nationwide. That means we attract patrons from all over who come to see our Exhibitor Floor, Guest Signing Area, Cosplay Comp, and our awesome Supa-Star Guest Panels and presentations!

What is a Supa-Volunteer?

Supa-Volunteers are the fantastic people who are willing to provide their time and give their efforts to help during the operations of the Supanova event. Those who are accepted as a Supa-Volunteer are then provided training to perform specific duties during the event.

What requirements are there to become a Supa-Volunteer?

To become a Supa-Volunteer, you must:

  • Be the age of 16 years or older
  • Be able to volunteer on both the Saturday AND Sunday during the Supanova event
  • Attend the compulsory training held before each tour
  • Complete the online Supa-Volunteer Application Form
  • Must abide by Supanova’s Conditions of Entry – General Public and Supanova Cosplay Guidelines & Weapons Policy, the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Do I get paid during the Supanova event?

No. All volunteers in any department and position do not receive any monetary compensation.

What are the benefits of becoming a Supa-Volunteer?

Many! These benefits include:

  • Free entry into the event
  • A Supa-Volunteer t-shirt, lanyard and ID badge commemorating the event (conveniently doubles as a uniform!)
  • Lunch on all days of the event is provided (and dinner as well for those giving us a hand on Friday afternoon/evening)
  • Becoming a part of a wonderful community full of geeky, fun loving individuals!
  • Gain insight into the event management industry, first-hand experience and knowledge

Do I have to attend the training?

Yes. It is vital for all Supa-Volunteers to attend the training prior to the Supanova event. As there have been some changes to Supanova’s volunteer recruitment and application process, the training is compulsory and is part of the new and improved Supa-Volunteer process.

If I do not attend the compulsory training, what happens then?

Unfortunately, you may not be able to volunteer for Supanova and your application may be withdrawn.

The training is massive benefit to you as you will learn the skills and knowledge needed during the Supanova event (you may even end up using it outside the event), as well as meet other fellow volunteers.

I am an interstate applicant looking to volunteer. How exactly do I attend the training?

Attending the training is one of the requirements to become a Supa-Volunteer. However, we do know that some applicants are from interstate. Please email volunteers@supanova.com.au to inform us.

When will I know if I have been accepted as a Supa-Volunteer or not?

Firstly, you need to make sure that for each city, you have submitted your online application form online before the closing date.

Once the online registrations have closed, HR will email you if you have been successful in your application or not.

Can I select which department I wish to volunteer in?

Yes, you can. You get to select 3 preferences (each preference must be different so you cannot choose the same one twice). Please be advised that you may not get into your 1st or 2nd preference. For more information on the different departments run in Supanova, visit the Supa-Volunteer Departments page.

My friends and I are applying to volunteer together with the same preferences. If we are both accepted, can you put us in the same department?

It isn’t always possible as we need your skills, knowledge and previous experience for the operations of the event. However, we do want you to enjoy yourselves and the experience with Supanova so we will certainly try!

Ok, what’s the deal with T-shirt sizes?

There used to be so many different sizes in the past and so we have made it much simpler. The T-shirt sizes are all mens’ sizes. The exception is the XS size which would be around a women’s size 8.

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