Supa-Star Autograph & Photo-Ops Fee Breakdown – November Tour 2016

Autograph and Photo-Op tokens will go on sale in October through our Online Store. Tokens will still be available to buy from the Supanova Store at the Expo throughout the weekend if you’d prefer that option instead.

How it works

If you’ve bought your studio or autograph token online? Jump straight to point 2 to find out how to use your Barcode!


  1. Purchase a Token for the autograph(s) of the Supa-Star(s) you would like from the Supanova Store (SNS). If you do not have a personal item to be signed the Autograph fee includes a complementary print from one of the star’s productions for them to sign. Please review the prints on the nearby photo wall while you are waiting in the line at the SNS, as they will be available at the guest’s signing table. Alternatively, you can supply your own item, one (1) per Token, to be signed. Please make sure that the item is from a production relevant to the guest. Please note, some guests sell their autographs directly from their table and don’t require a pre-purchased token. These guests will be clearly indicated on the SNS pricing list, or you can ask any of our friendly Supanova volunteers.
  2. Take your Token or Barcode to the Supa-Star Signing Area and queue for your turn. If you have a VIP Pass or special tier ticket with priority queuing, please identify yourself to the Supanova volunteer looking after the line.
  3. Exchange your Token or have your Barcode scanned, and let the Supa-Star’s assistant know which print, or which personal item, you would like signed.
  4. Enjoy your moment with your favourite Supa-Star, and your newly signed item!

Tokens and pre-purchased Barcodes are NOT REFUNDABLE, and deemed void if you do not redeem them during the expo. Consider Tokens as if they’re CASH as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Photo-Ops at Roy’s Photo Studio

  1. At the SNS, purchase a Token for the photo session(s) with your chosen Supa-Star(s). The photo session time is printed on the Token you purchase.
  2. Set your alarm to remind you prior the session so you don’t forget or miss out.
  3. Make sure you line up 10 minutes before your session at Roy’s Photo Studio (near the Supa-Star Signing Area).
  4. Hand your Token or Barcode to the assistant as you enter the queue. You will receive a validation ticket – hold on to it tight, as you’ll need to give that over when you enter the studio.
  5. Have your photo taken with the Supa-Star!
  6. Make sure you get your Photo Collection Docket on exiting the photo studio. You cannot get your photo without this!
  7. Proceed straight to the Photo Collection Area where a volunteer will scan your docket. Your photo will be waiting for you when you reach the front of the queue.

Tokens are NOT REFUNDABLE if you do not redeem them during your nominated photo session. Consider Tokens, Barcodes and Photo Collection Dockets as if they are CASH as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Please note that Photo-Op fees do not include an autograph. To get your photo signed, you must have an autograph Token/Barcode as well (see above).

Brisbane & Adelaide 2016

GuestAutograph FeePhotograph Fee *Notes
Nathan Fillion$100$110
Lucy Hale$100$110Not appearing on Friday in Brisbane. Joint Photo-Ops with Lucy and Holly together available for $170
Holly Marie Combs$50$60Joint Photo-Ops with Holly and Lucy together available for $170
Carice van Houten$50$60Appearing Adelaide only
Jason Mewes$40$50
Michelle Gomez$50$60Not appearing on Friday in Brisbane
Ricky Whittle$40$50
Claudia Wells$40$50
Brian Krause$40$50
Natalia Tena$40$50
Karen Fukuhara$40$50
Ian Bohen$40$50
Enver Gjokaj$40$50
Eoin Macken$40$50
John Jarratt$30$40You can take a selfie at John's table using your own camera for $30.
Jade Gatt & Ryan Lappin$30$40Not appearing on Friday in Brisbane. You can take a selfie at Jade & Ryan's table using your own camera for $20. Combined selfie and auto $40.
Garrison 7N/AN/A
Weta WorkshopN/AN/A
Steve Blum$30$40You can take a selfie at Steve's table using your own camera for $30. Audio/ voice recordings at the table are also available for $50.
John DiMaggio$40$50You can take a selfie at John's table using your own camera for $40.
Billy West$40$50You can take a selfie at Billy's table using your own camera for $40.
Veronica Taylor$30$40You can take a selfie at Veronica's table using your own camera for $30. Audio/ voice recordings at the table are also available for $50.
Mary Elizabeth McGylnn$30$40You can take a selfie at Mary's table using your own camera for $30. Audio/ voice recordings at the table are also available for $50.
Jason HayesN/AN/A
Meri AmberN/AN/A
Phil NotoN/AN/A
Mico SuayanN/AN/A
Tom TaylorN/AN/A
Dean RankineN/AN/A
Mark SextonN/AN/A
Alisha JadeN/AN/A
David YardinN/AN/A
Ryan K. LindsayN/AN/A
Jessica GibsonN/AN/AAppearing Brisbane only
Mark RaatsN/AN/AAppearing Brisbane only
Stewart McKennyN/AN/AAppearing Brisbane only
Wayne NicholsN/AN/AAppearing Brisbane only
Georgina ChaddertonN/AN/AAppearing Adelaide only
David FollettN/AN/AAppearing Adelaide only
Michal DutkiewiczN/AN/AAppearing Adelaide only
Greg HolfeldN/AN/AAppearing Adelaide only
Matthew ReillyFreeN/AAppearing Brisbane only, Saturday and Sunday.
Lian HearnFreeN/AAppearing in Brisbane only
Peter V. BrettFreeN/A
Alan BaxterFreeN/A
Jane AbbottFreeN/A
Angela SlatterFreeN/A
Maria LewisFreeN/A
Kim WilkinsFreeN/AAppearing in Brisbane only
Alison GoodmanFreeN/AAppearing in Adelaide only

* Photos are taken by Supanova’s Professional Photographer and include one (1) print per token with a maximum of two (2) fans per photo. ** Comic book creators may charge, at their prerogative, for illustrations or commissions. ~ Supanova and the guests reserve the right to refuse to sign items that are not deemed appropriate.

^online tokens are subject to availability and sales are subject to a booking and processing fee.

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