One of the most exciting aspects of the expo, the cosplay competitions return bigger and better than ever before!

Supanova Cosplay Competition, presented by Madman

Not to be confused with The Madman National Cosplay Championships (see below).

The original and the best. Runs on both Saturday and Sunday. See budding new cosplayers and veterans alike take to the stage to strut their stuff and show off their masterpieces! From still poses to hilarious skits, it’s guaranteed to be loads of fun!

This competition is open for all individual and group cosplayers!

What you can win!

Thanks to Madman Entertainment, you may win Madman vouchers that are usable at the Madman Online store. Winners are able to pick out whatever special goodies they want!

Awesome. How do I enter?

You will need to read through the rules and regulations just below. And the weapons policy. Then you have our permission to register. You don’t have to wait for Gotham to be ashes.


Costume malfunctions happen, but luckily CosplayHQ has what you need on hand to help repair any minor tear or major break. Equipped with skills, tools and advice, CosplayHQ is the place to go if you’re in need of any assistance with your costume.

Madman National Cosplay Championships

The cream of the crop of cosplay comes back again to Supanova this year, fresher, louder and better than ever with the Madman National Cosplay Championship!

Every Saturday at Supanova is when the Madman National Cosplay Championship heats are held. These are separate from our regular Madman Cosplay Competitions that also run during the weekend.

Winners of the state championships held at each Supanova will be invited to compete at the end of the year (flight and accommodation are part of the heat winners prize) with the National Cosplay Champion winning a trip to Japan! (see for more info)!

If you’re interested in registering for the Madman National Cosplay Championships, you will need to head to the Madman National Cosplay Championships site and register through there. It requires a portfolio and documentation so make sure you read the rules and instructions carefully.