The Supanova Cosplay Competition, presented by Madman, returns stronger than ever in 2016! We’ve worked hard to redesign the categories for the competition and we hope you like them!

Supanova Cosplay Competition, presented by Madman

The Supanova Cosplay Competition, presented by Madman, has been going for over 10 years, and it keeps getting better!

We have streamlined the categories for the competition to the following…

  • Best in Show: Overall, the standout costume from the entire competition!
  • Best Cosplay: Combining Character Portrayal and Costume Quality!
  • Best Craftsmanship: For those dedicated to the craft that is Costume Making!
  • Best Performance: Entertaining, Engaging or Funny, this is a show after all!
  • Best Group: Two or More great costumes together, always amazing to see!
  • Judges Award: Some costumes deserve recognition, even if they don’t fit other categories!

What can I win?

Cosplay - Madman logoYou could win a share of $3,000 in vouchers from Madman Entertainment (which can be redeemed on anything in Madman’s online store) in every city! From time to time, we may have other sponsors that offer prizes for certain categories, so be sure to keep your eyes on our Facebook for any announcements for your city!

How do I enter?

Registrations will open closer to the event.

First you’ll need to read and understand the Cosplay Rules and Regulations and Weapons Policy. Once you’ve done that, feel free to register for the competition using the entry form. If you miss out on pre-registration, don’t fret, there may be spaces available at Cosplay HQ on the day of the competition, as long as you come along before midday. Please refer to the rules for more information.


We’ve all had that dreadful moment at a convention: a costume malfunction, usually at the worst time. Something that was stuck when you left home, isn’t. Something needs sewing. Something needs hot glue.

Something needs to be done! But where to go for help? Cosplay HQ Repair station, that’s where!

Supanova’s Cosplay Repair Station is available over the weekend for all cosplay repair problems. Our skilled team is able to assess and repair your costume, give you quality advice, and get you out and ready for your photo shoots and onto the stage for the competition.

Madman National Cosplay Championships

The Madman National Cosplay Championship is back and bigger than ever in 2016.

They’ve added 2 new destinations to this year’s championship with Hobart, Tasmania and Auckland, New Zealand now joining the tour, they have gone above being national!

For those in Melbourne they have also moved the round to the Madman Anime Festival, September 3-4.

You can expect the same high level of competition that’s been displayed in the past seven years and as they move into their eighth year, and we encourage all cosplayers to watch and be inspired to compete in this fantastic championship. Good luck to all contestants and see you at the finals at Supanova Expo Brisbane in November!

If you’re interested in registering for the Madman National Cosplay Championships, visit Madman‘s website.

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