Christopher Sequeira is a writer and editor – published in places like Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada – who specialises in mystery, horror, science fiction and super-heroes. He’s written scripts for flagship superhero comic-book brands, such as Justice League Adventures for DC Entertainment, and Iron Man and X-Men stories for Marvel Entertainment, and he’s created original characters, and edited and published comics in Australia.

In recent times he launched the ‘Horror Australis’ genre concept with the prose anthology Cthulhu: Deep Down Under with fellow editors Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch, with follow-up collections to be announced; and in late 2015 he was the co-writer, with industry legend Mark Waid, of Dynamite Comics’ Justice, Inc. – The Avenger storyline ‘Faces of Fear’.

What he’s most excited about recently, however, is being writer for the forthcoming The Exoneration of Doctor Fu Manchu graphic novel – partnered with long-time colleague W. Chew Chan – a project designed to catapult this literary and movie icon into the 21st century and address a few significant issues with the character’s history!

Chris looks forward to meeting all his fans on the Gold Coast in April 2016, and will participate in signing sessions throughout Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm).

This information is correct at the time of writing but please check the Event Programme for the final timetable, including time and location within the events.

Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.


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  • Brisbane 2011
  • Gold Coast 2012
  • Gold Coast 2013
  • Gold Coast 2015
  • Gold Coast 2016
  • Melbourne 2011
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  • Sydney 2011

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