Tom Taylor on Star Wars Invasion

2012 has already been a busy year for Tom Taylor. His creator-owned book The Deep: Here Be Dragons won the Aurealis Award for ‘Best Graphic Novel’. He’s already killed Boba Fett in the current Star Wars: Boba Fett is Dead series and he is writing a series titled Darth Maul: Death Sentence, which directly follows on from the events of the Clone Wars TV show.

DC Comics announced Tom will be returning Rose and Thorn to the DC Universe later in the year and will also be writing a short BATMAN story, with fellow Australian, Nicola Scott on art.
Earlier in the year, Tom and Colin Wilson teamed up to send Cliff Secord to war in Rocketeer Adventures for IDW, while Taylor announced he also has something upcoming for 2000AD, meaning he will have work published by five separate comic book publishers in 2012.

Taylor is the writer of the ongoing Star Wars: Invasion series for Dark Horse Comics with illustrator Colin Wilson. He is also the writer of the critically-acclaimed miniseries Star Wars: Blood Ties, and the Star Wars Adventures graphic novellas, Luke Skywalker & the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes and The Will of Darth Vader.

Taylor penned The Authority series for DC comics and also wrote the two-part ‘The Brainiac/Sinestro Corps War’ in the pages of DCUO Legends. His current work for DC is on the video game tie-in series Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. It is currently the best selling comic book on the Amazon and Comixology stores, it is consistently in the top five comics of each week it is released as well as being reprinted multiple times for each hard copy issue.

Taylor continues to create The Deep series of Graphic Novels (the adventures of a multiethnic family of underwater explorers who live on a submarine) with artist, James Brouwer for Gestalt Comics. Gestalt also publishes the adaptation of Taylor’s award-winning play The Example (with illustration by Colin Wilson) and ‘Rombies’ a zombies in ancient Rome epic – Friends, Romans, lend me your brains. Several new creator-owned books are expected in the coming year.

Tom’s theatre writing has been studied at Melbourne University and the University of Southern California and his plays have been produced across four continents (Does Antarctica need some good plays?).

The Example was optioned and filmed by Staple Fiction in 2011 and his award-winning short musical A4 2 A3 (written with Simon Barlow) has screened in film festivals across North America.

He is currently working on several unannounced film, television and comic book projects.

He looks forward to defacing your books with his barely legible scrawl.

Tom will be appearing at both the Melbourne and Gold Coast Expos (His FREE signing sessions will run 10.30am – 5.00 pm both days). He will be conducting at least one publically accessible Q&A panel during the course of each expo.


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