Jan Scherpenhuizen is a novelist, publisher, comic-book artist and writer and creator of The Twilight Age, a horror comic series now published by one of Australia’s largest independent comic book publishers, Black House.

Jan has been published extensively, both locally and abroad with art and/or writing appearing in Wolverine Doombringer, Lost in Space, Buckeroo Banzai, Kagemono and Criminal Intent, to name just a few titles. A major step for Jan was creating, writing and drawing The Twilight Age as a six issue comic series. A trade collection is slated for some time in 2013.

Jan is looking forward to sharing a table with friends and collaborators at Supanova. He co-created and drew Mr Blood, the Catamorph and The Glowing man with writer Chris Sequeira, inked an issue of Chew Chan’s Buckeroo Banzai and has illustrated work for writer Jason Franks, including Frank’s piece for Supanova’s Tides of Hope.

Jan is looking forward to an exciting 2013 with sequels of his novel, The Secret to Jumlatan in the works well as the launch of the print version of Jason Franks novel Bloody Waters, which he published through his company, Possible Press. Among other projects is a series of pulp novels Twilight Age Vampires expanding the Twilight Age Universe. He is particularly excited about relaunching Lin Carter’s classic character, Thongor of Lemuria (last seen in comics in Marvel’s Creatures on the Loose) with writers Chris Sequeira and Leigh Blackmore.

Jan also offers services in publishing, manuscript assessment and mentorship and has helped several novelists launch successful careers of their own.

Jan looks forward to meeting all his fans at both the Gold Coast and Melbourne expos in 2013. He will be appearing Both days between 11 am and 5 pm.

Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.


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  • Gold Coast 2013
  • Melbourne 2013

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