Christopher Judge is an American actor best known for his role as Teal’c in Stargate SG-1.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Judge would study film and television at the University of Oregon, after earning himself a football scholarship. It was during this time that he won a contest to host a radio talk show and got his start in the entertainment world.

Judge’s first television roles came about in 1990 with appearances on Neon Rider, MacGyver, Booker and 21 Jump Street. In 1994 he landed his first recurring television role as Officer Richard Stiles in the police drama, Sirens.

However his most notable role came in 1997 with Stargate SG-1. Running for 10 seasons over 10 years, as Teal’c he was nominated for a Saturn Award and appeared in more episodes of the series than any of his original cast mates. He also wrote 4 episodes for the show; The Warrior, The Changeling, Birthright and Sacrifices.

While Judge made a cameo appearance as Teal’c in the related franchise, Stargate Atlantis, and also played Plato in Adventures from the Book of Virtues and Simon in Action Man.

As a voice actor, Judge was the voice of Magneto in the animated X-Men: Evolution, Zodak in Masters of the Universe vs the Snake Men and D-Mob in the Def Jam video game franchise.

Some of his movie appearances include Snow Dogs and The Dark Knight Rises, and To Have and To Hold.

His next project is providing the voice of Kratos in the upcoming God of War video game.

Christopher looks forward to meeting all his fans in Sydney and Perth in 2017.

Christopher will conduct a general admission Q&A each weekend, and participate in signing and photo sessions* on Friday in Sydney (2:00pm – 5:30pm), and throughout each Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) in both cities.

*Autograph and photograph fees TBA

This information is correct at the time of writing but please check the Event Programme for the final timetable, including time and location within the events.

Guest confirmed, health and other commitments pending.


Appearing At

  • Perth 2017
  • Sydney 2017

Previous Appearances

  • Gold Coast 2016
  • Melbourne 2016

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