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Adam Nichols is an Australian Concept Artist, Illustrator and Art Director having previously worked for development mecca Krome Studios, indie breakthrough The Binary Mill and currently working at international success story Halfbrick Studios. During the last decade, Adam has worked on well-known titles such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Hellboy: The Science of Evil, Fruit Ninja, Clonewars: The Republic HeroesMini Motor Racing and TY The Tasmanian Tiger. He has worked with many of the largest international publishers including Lucasarts, Revolution Studios/Konami, EA, Activision, Microsoft and Atari.

Currently Adam is working as Lead Artist on the hugely successful mobile game Fruit Ninja for Halfbrick Studios. Most recently, Adam has focused on brand identity and visual development of self-published indie games such as Fruit Ninja, Mini Motor Racing and Gun Club franchises.

Star Wars, arguably the largest intellectual property of all time. Just the name makes small children (and geeks of all ages) bubble with excitement. So too did a young Padawan Concept Artist upon learning he would be fortunate enough to work on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Adam was responsible for designing characters, environments, spaceships and helping expand a new portion of the extended Star Wars Universe that would bridge the original and prequel trilogies. To him this was a dream come true.

As a huge self-proclaimed Hellboy fan, he had the honour of helping visualise a Hellboy video game for Xbox360, PS3 and PSP. Adam helped develop a style that closely resembled the motion picture while also attempting to pay homage to much of Mignola’s stylistic and thematic underpinnings.

As Art Director for The Binary Mill, Adam’s passion for original works can be seen on Mini Motor Racing (MMR) for mobile and Mini Motor Racing EVO for PC/Mac. MMR has had been awarded numerous awards, most notably 2012 Unity Awards – Best Graphics Nomination (Mini Motor Racing) and Apple AppStore’s Best of 2012 – Best Casual Game. MMR has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean and EFIGS and contains exclusive content from Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Halfbrick’s very own Fruit Ninja.

Before his first job in the Games industry, Adam’s professional career started with a very short stint colouring for the now rare to find Ghostbusters Legion trade paperback for 88MPH Studios. This title would eventually get cancelled, only to be re-released many years later by Titan Books. To this day even Adam has never seen this comic in print. No joke, bring a copy!

Adam will be selling signed prints and art books at his table as well as signature collector cards featuring his work for kids of all ages.

Adam looks forward to meeting all his fans on the Gold Coast in April 2016, and will participate in signing sessions throughout Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm).

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