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The Top 10 Tips You Need to Enjoy Supanova

Feel free to ask questions on our forum, or ask volunteers and event staff on the day.

1. Tickets

Pre-buy your tickets from Foxtix ( to avoid long queues on the day. People who have pre-purchased tickets get in faster and get in first!

2. Food

The food at Supanova is supplied by our venue – usually a showground – and it’s the type of food that is available at showgrounds: fast food (often fried and not vegetarian), sandwiches, tea, coffee, and desserts. If you have a special diet (e.g. vegetarian, kosher) or food allergies/intolerances, please consider bringing food along with you.

3. Cosplay Photos

Lots of people attend Supanova in ‘fancy dress’ (Cosplay = costume play) – and we think they’re great! If you’d like to take a photo with someone in costume, please ask them nicely and be considerate of other patrons: take care that you don’t block the aisle while you’re photographing. If you’re an intending cosplayer, please remember that Supanova is a family event, so for the comfort of all concerned, costumes shouldn’t be dangerous, unwieldy or risqué. The Cosplay rules are available here.

4. Glomping

Some fans of anime (Japanese animation) like glomping. A glomp is a cross between a hug and a gentle tackle.The organisers of Supanova do not encourage glomping, but if you feel like you must, please ASK your ‘glompee’ first and respect their response. Uninvited glomping will get you evicted from the event.

5. Event Guides

The Event Guide is in the free showbag you receive upon entry. Don’t forget to check out the timetable so you can organise your day effectively and see your favourite celebrities and events onstage. If you miss out for some reason, showbags and guides can be obtained near the front desk. Alternatively, the guide can be downloaded a week prior to the event from – you could even be supa-prepared and BYO copy.

6. Child Awareness

Supanova is a family event and our retailers are responsible folks, but some retailers stock material of a ‘mature’ nature. Please be aware of this if you’d like to prevent your children from stumbling across certain subjects.

7. Take Care

Please take care of yourself, your friends, and your belongings. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for spending a day wandering around a busy convention, be sun-smart when outdoors, and stay hydrated (especially if you plan to queue up early in the morning for event entry). Also, be careful with your possessions – it makes Supanova sad if people lose stuff that’s precious to them.

8. Cash

There is an ATM available at the showground, but queues can be lengthy! It’s a good idea to withdraw your cash prior to arriving at the event so you have what you need (and please be careful with it at the event). If you’d love to get the celebrities’ autographs, don’t forget to check the Supanova website to find out what they’re charging so you can include it in your budget.

9. Transport

For a more enjoyable day, research the public transport options to and from the event prior to the expo. Alternatively, check out parking or car pooling options.

10. Have fun, and be kind!