A man of many worlds, Ryan K Lindsay writes comics, about comics, and other prose. He absolutely cannot draw. He lives in Canberra and writes in the hours that slip between being a teacher, a husband, and a father. His New Year’s resolution is to always have more pages published than the year before. So far, this is working out alright.

Ryan’s first published four colour pages came in the BEGINNINGS ANTHOLOGY created by his friends at the ACT Comic Meet in 2012 after a successful IndieGoGO campaign where Emma Stewart brought his sadness to life. He followed this up with a slew of comic shorts you might have seen such as his ‘Daniel J Logan Trilogy’ comprised of LOVESICK in the back of GRIM LEAPER #2 from Image/Shadowline, SURVIVOR on the Challenger Comics website, and ALONE IN A CROWD in the OXYMORON HC from ComixTribe. He has upcoming short work in the SCAMthology at ComixTribe, as well as a few other cheeky publications.

Ryan decided to branch into full one-shots and published his FATHERHOOD comic through Challenger Comics with Daniel Schneider art to critical acclaim, penned a GREEN WAKE one-shot that didn’t make it to publication when the series was cancelled but the Nathaniel Ooten art receives a healthy digital afterlife, and finally got the chance to work on a massive franchise with a MY LITTLE PONY RAINBOW DASH one-shot that blended all ages fun with subversive adult pop culture winks which Tony Fleecs handled superbly.

Deciding to continue the trend of longer works, Ryan wrote a miniseries at Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint called GHOST TOWN, which brought him back into play with Daniel J Logan.

Ryan’s biggest and greatest work so far however is HEADSPACE at Monkeybrain Comics with Eric Zawadzki. This sci fi infused crime tale is about a man who is stuck inside the brain of a killer and must fight to find his freedom and the life he had taken away from him.

Ryan also writes about comics and recently edited and contributed to THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL, a book of analytical essays about Marvel’s Daredevil character. The book is released by Sequart and has also spawned a thin volume of one of Ryan’s essays at a sample price titled BLIND DATES AND BROKEN HEARTS: THE TRAGIC LOVES OF MATTHEW MURDOCK. He’s long found it fun to analyse his favourite media and this started when he had an essay featured in the back of CRIMINAL by Brubaker/Phillips – it was about Australian noir movies. Ryan has also written for Crime Factory in their HORROR FACTORY and PINK FACTORY issues. Most recently, he provided back matter essays for SHELTERED at Image Comics and STRANGE NATION at Monkeybrain Comics.

A fan of prose, with four novels in the trunk, Ryan recently had a short story in LEE, a Crime Factory book of tales all about Lee Marvin, and will also have a quirky crime short in Crime Factory #14.

He is a massive Iron Fist fan, a water drinker, a card carrying bearded warrior, and he straps a snorkel at all times to go back issue bin diving.

You can follow his work on ryanklindsay.com, his process on ryanklindsay.tumblr.com, and his words daily on twitter as @ryanklindsay

Ryan looks forward to meeting all his fans at Supanova and will be appearing throughout Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) in Sydney. Please see the event guide for times and locations.

Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.


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