Writer of The Hythrun Chronicles.

Supanova is proud to present Jennifer Fallon who will be appearing over both Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am onwards. She will be conducting a panel/seminar, along with her fantasy/sci-fi writing cohorts, and autographing her novels daily at Supanova.

Jennifer lives in Central Australia, where she writes full time. At various times in the past, she has worked as a youth worker, a store detective, managed an ISP, a video shop, an international cosmetics company and once had a job issuing security clearances for contractors working on classified government projects. A former competitive pistol shooter, she currently consults for various government departments in her spare time while finishing her Masters degree in creative writing.

Jennifer is the author of the international bestselling Hythrun Chronicles – Medalon, Treason Keep, Harshini, Wolfblade, Warrior and Warlord, the Second Sons, series (Lion of Senet, Eye of the Labyrinth, Lord of the Shadows) and The Immortal Prince, Book 1 of the Tide Lords Series. She also co-authored the Stargate SG1 tie-in novel, Roswell, with Sonny Whitelaw.

Make sure you meet Jennifer  this Supanova!

* FREE signing sessions and Jennifer will be conducting at least one publically accessible Q&A panel during the course of each expo.

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Previous Appearances

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  • Brisbane 2011
  • Melbourne 2010
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  • Perth 2010
  • Perth 2011
  • Sydney 2009
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