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Wildcard finalist 1- Endless Blaze

ENDLESS BLAZE (Matt and Jeremy)

Participating in the MNCC has pushed us, challenged us and rewarded us in ways we’ve never expected. It’s been something that has encouraged us to attempt to create things we’ve only dreamt of making before, and to get up on stage and show exactly how courageous (and fabulous?) we really are. We both feel madman has pushed us to the limit and it is truly an honour to have been offered the chance to go even further. We’re very excited about just being able to take part in such a large cosplay event, alongside some of Australia’s best cosplayers. Several other finalists are good friends of ours, and the November lineup is looking to be truly spectacular (and really intimidating! *_*).

Despite our relatively short history in the cosplay world with only a few years of experience, we decided to give the MNCC a shot this year after being greatly inspired by the magnificence of last year’s finalists. We hope to do something similar this year, and give everyone a performance to be remembered, something that will make you sit back and think, “wow, I want to be up there.” It’s going to be a great competition, and we’re really looking forward to it!

If you’re interested in checking out some of our other costumes, feel free to visit our deviantart pages:
Jeremy –
Matt –


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