Val Kilmer kicks off Supanova’s D-Day, Friday 4th November, with a BANG!

Be at Supanova from the moment doors open at 1PM on D-Day (Friday November 4) to experience a fascinating array of behind-the-scenes Hollywood, gaming, and genre content! Whether you’re a film fan, student, emerging artist, or professional, there’s great value for everyone in these Supa-talented speakers!

Supanova Pop Culture Expo officially opens its doors at 1PM on Friday November 4 for D-Day, celebrating the work of creators of ‘genre’ and pop-culture screen productions (sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, blockbuster, thriller, horror, anime, etc). Nearly four hours of specialty panel programming are offered, plus it’s also an opportunity for keen patrons to get a sneak preview of the expo’s trading floor! It’s open to D-Day ticket holders and weekend pass holders from 1pm – 7pm, (leading into Supanova’s official ‘Welcoming Ceremony’ at 6pm, as the expo’s trading floor draws to a close).

Whether you’re an ambitious fan, an emerging artist or a screen industry pro, come along to D-Day and find out from the creators exactly how these great productions are made! Here’s “What’s On” on D-Day…

1:40 PM — VAL KILMER on DIRECTORS AND DIRECTING: Hollywood actor Val Kilmer has been directed by some of the industry’s finest: Oliver Stone (in ALEXANDER and THE DOORS), Ron Howard (in THE MISSING), Tony Scott (TRUE ROMANCE and TOP GUN), Shane Black (KISS KISS, BANG BANG), Phil Noyce (THE SAINT), Ed Harris (POLLOCK), Michael Mann (HEAT), and many more. Now, as he prepares to direct his own first feature, entitled MARK TWAIN AND MARY BAKER EDDY (in which he also appears as Mark Twain), Val shares with us some priceless behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and observations on directors and directing.

2:30 PM — WARCO: Morgan Jaffit of Defiant Development is working with director Robert Connolly and journalist Tony Maniaty on WARCO – a brand-new console game (still in development!) about war correspondents. This is a First-Person Shooter with a twist: the player shoots film, not people! Set in the fictional country of Benouja, playing as journalist Jesse DeMarco, players must record dramatic images of conflict, save them in-game, and then edit the results into a compelling frontline TV news story before uploading the results to the web. Hear from Morgan Jaffit about how to shoot stories, not the enemy, in this cool and innovative new game.

3:20 PM — SHOW ME THE MAGIC: Go behind the scenes of the Hollywood blockbuster WOLVERINE with Cathy Henkel, director of SHOW ME THE MAGIC, a new documentary about veteran cinematographer Don McAlpine, a living legend. WOLVERINE was Don’s 50th film in an impressive lineup that runs from MRS DOUBTFIRE to PREDATOR. In Cathy’s documentary about Don, we’ll see some of his personal on-set ‘home movies’ for the very first time. Get in early for a delicious sneak peek!

4:10 PM — SUSHI TYPHOON! Yoshihiro Nishimura is a legendary director and maestro of gore special effects for Sushi Typhoon, the hot new ‘genre film’ subsidiary of Japan’s oldest movie studio, Nikkatsu Corporation. Sushi Typhoon was founded in 2010 with the mandate of creating low-budget horror, science fiction and fantasy films for an international audience. Yoshihiro Nishimura started out creating stunningly dramatic and creative special and makeup effects for films such as SUICIDE CLUB, MEATBALL MACHINE and THE MACHINE GIRL. Their content might be controversial, but Nishimura san’s innovations are inarguably brilliant. For his first feature as director, TOKYO GORE POLICE, Nishimura san co-wrote the screenplay, directed the movie, did the special make-up effects and modeling, and appeared in a cameo!

On D-day, Yoshihiro Nishimura appears with his friend and translator, Marc Walkow, who is co-director of the New York Asian Film Festival and heads Sushi Typhoon’s American division. Later on Friday night, following Supanova’s Preview Night festivities (from 6PM), fans can attend a special Brisbane International Film Festival screening of Nishimura san’s over-the-top zombie apocalypse gorefest, HELLDRIVER! He will personally introduce the film, which screens at the Tribal at midnight.

Posted Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

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