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Seven Supa-Heroic Sirens Join the Cast of Supanova in Brisbane!

Sure we like our leading men as much as anybody but we also LOVE our leading ladies! This our idea of a Supa-Smorgasbord…

We are very pleased to announce Erica Durance as the latest Supa-Star heading to Brisbane this November. Erica has literally shot to fame as the sassy and sexy ‘Lois Lane’ from SMALLVILLE !  She will also soon be appearing in the new series of CHARLIE’S ANGELS with Aussie Rachael Taylor!

In more good news we welcome back, for the first time after her postponement in April, the wonderful Julie Benz, whose amazing credits include DEXTER, NO ORDINARY FAMILY, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and the fan favourite BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER to name just a few.

To prove that good things come in multiples we’re pleased as punch to bring you the lovely Renee O’Connor, best known for playing Xena’s sidekick ‘Gabrielle’ between 1996 and 2001 in the epic fantasy series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS!

Speaking of warrior princesses how about warrior goddesses? That’s right, Supanova is hosting one of them too when the stunning Jaimie Alexander descends Downunder having portrayed ‘Sif’ in THOR. Jaimie is no stranger to genre entertainment though after having starred in KYLE XY as well.

It doesn’t end there either as we’re still feeling quite magical in announcing the quirky and absolutely awesome, Evanna Lynch, whose ‘Luna Lovegood’ is a fan-favourite amongst the HARRY POTTER faithful.

But wait, there’s more, with the Slytherin’ girlfriend of ‘Draco Malfoy’ herself, ‘Pansy Parkinson’, appearing! Yes, Scarlett Byrne is coming on down from HARRY POTTER too!

Finally we have the talented Teryl Rothery whose fans are spread out over a number of franchises and genres including voice-acting (‘Mai’ from DRAGONBALL Z). But for most fans, much as they like her in roles ranging from KYLE XY, CAPRICA, JEREMIAH and more, it’s as ‘Dr. Janet Fraiser’ from STARGATE SG-1 that most of her followers are built from.

We’re so very excited to be hosting so many wonderfully talented women of sci-fi and fantasy, from both the big screen and small, as we rev up to our biggest and best Brisbane expo ever as we say, “Bring on November!!!”

Posted Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

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