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It’s a True ‘Comic-Fest!’ in Sydney and Perth!

From its very beginning Supanova has always loved comic-books! In fact the expo was originally called ‘Comic-Fest!’ before it grew into Supanova.

This year Supanova is truly a comic-fest again as we present a wonderful array of comic industry guests for both Sydney and Perth. No matter which coast you find yourself on, we’ve got some amazing comic-book related guests for you!

We’ve been presenting them here and there for you but now its time to showcase their exquisitness in one juicy list…

Paul Jenkins: UPDATE! Paul will only be able to join us for the SYDNEY show due to a directing job on the weekend of Perth. We are pleased as punch to welcome back to Supanova the Supa-star writer of Wolverine: Origins, The Darkness, and Pitt!

Ashley Wood (Perth only): A real coup – Ashley Wood, the internationally renowned illustrator (Tank Girl, Popbot, Metal Gear Solid) and CEO of toy company ThreeA returns to his homeland of Western Australia.

Billy Tan: UPDATE: Billy will now be joining us in both Sydney AND Perth! Brilliant Malaysian born penciller of Cyberforce, Uncanny X-Men and Thor. Recently worked on Shadowlands and Uncanny X-Force!

David Finch: Hot-shot artist fresh from DC’s Brightest Day, best known for Cyberforce, Moon Knight and New Avengers.

Dave Johnson: He may be “The Reverend Dave” to his fans; he’s also known as the cover artist on 100 Bullets and Punisher Max.

Ben Templesmith: Supa-star illustrator of 30 Days of Night and Fell. Creator of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse and Squidgirls.

Justin Randall: The astonishing Aurealis Award winning artist and writer of Gestalt Publishing’s brilliant book Changing Ways.

Tom Taylor: Melbourne’s own writer of Star Wars: Invasion and Blood Ties, as well as Rombies, The Deep and The Example.

Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz: Dynamic artist of Street Fighter II: Turbo for Udon!

Stewart McKenny: Beloved artist on DC Comics’ young reader series Superfriends, as well as Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.

Nicola Scott (Sydney Only): Australia’s own Wonder Woman of comics, recently on Secret Six, currently pencilling Teen Titans.

Shane McCarthy (Perth only): W.A’s powerhouse writer from Transformers: All Hail Megatron, Spotlight Drift and Legends of the Dark Knight

Chris Sequeira (Sydney only): The driving force behind the Supa-exclusive post-flood fundraiser Tides of Hope, and writer on Dark Detective Sherlock Holmes.

Doug Holgate (Sydney only): Awesome artist on Zinc Alloy, Super Chicken Nugget Boy and The Amazing Joy Buzzards.

Jon Sommariva (Sydney only): Brilliant penciller on Noble causes, Star wars, Go boy 7, and Gemini with Image Comics.

The best of comic-book creative talent – writers and artists, foreign and domestic – is accessible to YOU at Supanova. Make sure you come say “hi” to these gifted guys and gals, and celebrate comics with us!

And that’s not even completely it…

With back-issue and graphic novel specialists and the largest ever Artists’ Alleys we’ve had in either city, comic-books are truly in the ascendancy once again at Supanova!

Paul Jenkins' seminal Wolverine Origins!

Posted Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

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