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Comic-Books. No Joking Matter at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo!

From its inception when it was first known as Comic-Fest!, Supanova has always loved comic-books and their creators.  The change of name liberated us by enabling Supanova to bring numerous elements of pop culture together, all under the one banner, to create an even stronger, more interesting and commercially viable event for many more people to enjoy than a straightforward Comic-Fest! could support.

So its clear that comic-books have always been an absolute passion of Supanova and as such we always try to bring their loving fans the best of national and international talent!

This year is no exception and we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase just some of the talent that will be joining us:

Brian Michael Bendis: The “Marvel Architect” most closely associated with the Ultimate Universe, writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, numerous Avengers titles, Moon Knight, Daredevil and some of the biggest stories in recent Marvel history!

Carlos Pacheco: Supa-Star artist extraordinaire of the Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate Thor, Avengers Forever, Green Lantern, Trinity and SO many others!

Billy Tan: After his fantastic work on Shadowlands, Billy has continued to do stunning art on the X-Men “Schism” books, Ultimate Comics Fallout and then Uncanny X-Force! (Melbourne only)

Tom Taylor: From re-animating Roman zombies to killing Boba Fett, Tom has been a very busy boy! While Star Wars: Invasion was his big break, soon he’ll be bringing Darth Maul back to comics in a big way!

Colin Wilson: He may be well known as the artist on Star Wars: Invasion, but Colin’s known worldwide for his art in 2000AD and his work in French series Blueberry and Du plomb dans la tête (Headshot) which is now an upcoming film starring Sylvester Stallone!

Tristan Jones: A rising star! After making a splash on Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he gained attention on the Ghostbusters ongoing series with IDW, before taking on The T.M.N.T. again in Infestation 2!

Jeffrey \”Chamba\” Cruz: A fantastic Illustrator and Artist who came to prominence with his work on the Udon Comics of Street Fighter II: Turbo!

Stewart McKenny: Charming raconteur and brilliant artist on Batman: Brave and the Bold, DC Super-Friends and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.

Chris Sequeira: Awesome writer on the moody Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes. Now writing for the anthology, Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Cases.

Paul Mason: After starting out as a solo comics producer, Paul has now joined forces with one of Australia’s largest independent publishers Black House Comics to bring us The Soldier Legacy.

And thanks to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s, Video Games Unplugged

Scott Kurtz began his career with his daily strip, Captain Amazing. His longest running project and smash hit webcomic is PvP. (Melbourne only)

Kristofer Straub is the creator of webcomics Checkerboard Nightmare, Starslip, Time Friends, Origin Story, and more recently Chainsawsuit and F Chords. (Melbourne only)

Together Scott and Kris co-create Blamimations for Penny Arcade.

All these fantastic creators, when added to a huge selection of local talent in both Artists’ Alleys plus numerous comic-book selling retailers, make Supanova the place to be for fans of comic-books!

‘Nuff said!

Brian Michael Bendis, the writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, swings into our April tour in 2012!

Posted Thursday, March 15th, 2012

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