“Titanic” New Anime Guests Announced for Supa-November 2014!

Attack on Titan is currently one of the hottest anime series in the entire world. Its unique blend of emotion, action and striking visuals has won it a legion of fans worldwide, and we are Supa-excited to welcome two of the lead players of the English voice-over cast. They may not be quite Titan-sized, but they are certainly giants of the anime industry and have a huge number of credits to their respective names.

We welcome to our Adelaide and Brisbane 2014 November expos:

Bryce Papenbrook: “Eren Jaeger” in the series but also worked on Sword Art Online, Bravely Default and Blue Exorcist.

Trina Nishimura: “Mikasa Ackerman” in Attack on Titan, and also starred in Evangelion 2.0 You Can (not) Advance.

These guests will be appearing at the Madman booth where they will be signing for free during their scheduled sessions during both days of the Adelaide expo and all three days in Brisbane. There will also be pro-photo opportunities ($30 each) and Q&As during each weekend (please look for the schedule closer to the date of the expos).


The stars of the hit series come to Supanova!

Posted Monday, July 14th, 2014

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