The Show Must Go On: Avatar, Inception & Whedonverse Guests Revealed!

First and foremost, the Supanova crew and volunteers extend their sympathy and condolences to the people of Queensland who have lost family members, homes and their livelihood. With many of our team based in Brisbane we’re acutely aware of how much suffering has been felt.

Needless to say Supanova aims on being a part of the recovery, part of the process that aims at not letting this tragedy overwhelm the sense of community we’ve built together not only in Brisbane but across Australia, by bringing a little bit of light back into what has been a pretty dark time, contributing to the relief fund individually and collectively with initiatives that will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Therefore we’re proud to add a further four Supa-Stars to our already exciting line-up for the Brisbane and Melbourne expos! They come from some of the biggest properties in the last decade including two of the biggest grossing films of the last two years and some of the most popular genre television shows ever! Please welcome to the April tour of 2011:

  • Stephen Lang: ‘Colonel Miles Quaritch’ from Avatar and now in Terra Nova
  • Dileep Rao: Star of Inception, Avatar and Drag Me To Hell
  • Tahmoh Penniket: ‘Helo’ from Battlestar Galactica and ‘Paul Ballard’ from Dollhouse
  • Clare Kramer: ‘Glory’ from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bring it on!

Both Tahmoh and Clare will be a part of our EXCLUSIVE Whedonverse ticket that we trialled successfully last year in Sydney and Perth.

Tahmoh's back and he's serious!

And despite these announcements there’s more to come! No doubt about it, 2011 is going to be epic, and it’s exciting that we’re taking the event to another level in a year that adding a little fun and distraction from the hard work and toil that’s required is not a bad thing.

Lastly, make sure you also have the 1st of February in your diary for the initial announcement of our Sydney and Perth Supa-Star line-ups!

Posted Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

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