Seiyū Supa-Stars Join Mega Line-up of Guests for Supanovember!

We know how much our fans LOVE anime voice-actors especially when the rare opportunity comes up to host the original language seiyū directly from Japan.

So when that option became a very real possibility we couldn’t resist even though we already had our biggest line-up of guests in the history of Supanova!

Therefore, without further ado, we’re very pleased to announce…

Exclusively for Brisbane

Masakazu Morita is exclusively attending Brisbane 2012

  •  Masakazu Morita: Best known as the voice of ‘Ichigo Kurosaki’ in the hit series Bleach as well as ‘Tidus’ in FFX!

Exclusively for Adelaide

Yuko Miyamura is exclusively attending Adelaide 2012

  •  Yuko Miyamura: The legendary voice of Asuka from the Japanese language Evangelion series and movies!

Both Morita-san and Miyamura-san will be hosted by Madman and please check the upcoming Event Guides for their daily autograph signing times and Q&A panels.

Posted Sunday, October 21st, 2012

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