Roberts No Longer Expendable While Lang returns to Terra Nova!

Fans of ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Expendables’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and even ‘Dead Or Alive’ can celebrate the addition of ERIC ROBERTS to Supanova’s April expos! From his wicked guest role on ‘Entourage’ and dastardly dealings for The Company in ‘Heroes’, to bringing down a ‘Cyclops’ and blowing up a ‘Sharktopus’, Eric is a fantastic inclusion in our already sparkling line-up of stars. We are delighted to announce his appearances at both the Brisbane and Melbourne shows!

In less wonderful news, we must announce the withdrawal of Stephen Lang from the April tour due to filming conflicts with his new time-travelling series ‘Terra Nova’. Stephen hopes to return to us at Supanova in the near future, as soon as he’s done appearing in the distant past!

Eric inspecting the troops before his Supanova Invasion!

Posted Thursday, February 17th, 2011

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