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Movie Madness Strikes Sydney Supanova!

We’re pretty over the moon to announce a new group of talented movie makers joining us the for the Sydney expo! We love movies and we just can’t get enough of the creators that make them, as such, we’re bringing you the cream of the crop for Sydney-siders to enjoy!

  • The Brothers Spierig re-join us following their memorable appearance in Brisbane for our Director’s Day. With their vampire action flick, ‘Daybreakers’, breaking out onto DVD just days before the event, make sure you grab a copy at FILMINK where the brothers will be signing for fans after each of their panels. You can also ask them about their exciting new project as they’ve been announced as the new directors for the upcoming sequel to a Jim Henson classic: ‘The Dark Crystal’! Set hundreds of years after the first film, ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal’,will employ a combination of traditional puppetry and CGI to bring the world to life. For their appearance times check out their guest page HERE.
  • Our next guests are coming from an incredibly long way away to be with us at Supanova. Direct from Finland to Sydney we welcome Timo Vuorensola the director of the upcoming sci-fi action film ‘Iron Sky‘! His previous film work includes the awesome fan film ‘Star Wreck in the Pirkinning’, which details the conflict between the Star Trek and Babylon 5 universes, with better space battles than either! For more information on Iron Sky, go to the page HERE
  • ‘The Dark Lurking’ Cast and Crew will also be appearing at the Sydney event to talk about their awesome Sci-Fi action flick which they shot quietly in Queensland over the course of about 18 months. If you liked ‘Aliens’, or ‘Doom’, this is the kind of hyper-kinetic action you’ll love! Check out the Director, Greg Connors‘ page HERE
  • The critically acclaimed ‘Carmilla Hyde’ is director, David De Vries’, first feature. Already a stalwart of the comic-book creative community, David easily transitioned to the world of film with this psychological thriller.
  • The Horseman is a hard hitting drama about lies and betrayal which is definitely not for the squeamish. The Director Steven Kastrissios will be joining us to talk about the film and where the story came from. For more information on the film and the appearance times check out their guest page HERE.

In addition to showcasing directors and footage from their films we’ll be screening the following two films in full, Dying Ice and Street Angel, with their directors on hand to introduce them in addition to fielding questions at the end.

  • ‘Dying Ice’
    In a world where the sun never sets, Humans and Ashen co-exist in a constant state of tension and ill ease. The Humans, once keepers of a great society have made questionable decisions that have forced them to move deep underground in order to survive, away from the withering heat above.  The Ashen, a superior race unmatched by humans in speed and strength, in contrast, have used their inherited wisdom of the years and natural order to help them thrive in the harshness of the conditions above the ground.  When Dying Ice, a precious mineral used to cool the inhabitants of this world, is used in a trade for a noble Ashen girl, a betrayal is revealed that will throw this world into the beginnings of a war.

  • ‘Street Angel’
    When Doctor Pangea, “the world’s deadliest geologist”, escapes from prison with plans to destroy Earth as we know it, the city turns to its unlikely champion: 14 year old homeless girl – and kungfu skateboarding superhero – Street Angel!  Street Angel is adapted from Issue #1 of the cult comic book series “Street Angel” created by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.

And some great news for Perth, we’ll be screening both ‘Street Angel’ and ‘Dying Ice’ in their entirety during Preview Night.

So…. Whether you are a budding filmmaker or just a lover of movies and storytelling Supanova has got great opportunities for you!

Finnish Filmmakers Invade Australia!!!

Posted Friday, June 4th, 2010

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