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Supanova Awards Fans with Moore Great Comic-Book Talent this June!

The Walking Dead rides to Supanova!

Comics are the big business these days, the highest grossing films, the highest rating TV shows and the biggest computer games are all coming from the pages of the medium we love! As such we’re bringing you the creators that get it all started! We are pleased to announce our line-up of comic-book talent for Sydney and Perth!

Tony Moore: Incredible artist from Smash hit comic The Walking Dead, Co-creator of Fear Agent and The Exterminators!

David Mack: Critically acclaimed comic-book illustrator and creator of the Kabuki series and returning celebratory 10th Anniversary guest from Supanova 2002

Jim Cheung: British illustrator renowned for his work on Marvel Comics’ Scion, New Avengers: Illuminati, Young Avengers, and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

Tom Taylor: Writer of Darth Maul: Death Sentence, Star Wars: Invasion, Star Wars: Blood Ties, Green Lantern and The Deep.

David Yardin: Supa-Star artist on X-Force and Storm.

Jeffrey Cruz: Kinetic artist on Street Fighter II: Turbo and much more!

Peter Nguyen: Awesome artist on Secret Six, The DC Halloween special, Boom Studios and more!

Nicola Scott: (Sydney exclusive) Rising star Illustrator of Earth 2, Birds of Prey, and Teen Titans

Billy Tan: (Sydney exclusive) Incredible artist for X-Men: Schism, Shadowlands and much more for Marvel.

Stewart McKenny: (Sydney exclusive) Artist on D.C. Super-Friends, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and more!

Andrew Constant: (Sydney exclusive) Writer of Gestalt’s Torn!

Christian Read: (Sydney exclusive): Writer on Star Wars, The Witch King  and Gestalt’s The Eldrich Kid.

Ashley Wood: (Perth exclusive) Creator of Popbot3-A Toys and illustrator extraordinaire of Metal Gear Solid.

Justin Randall: (Perth exclusive) Brilliant western Australian artist of Gestalt publishing’s incredible Changing Ways.

PLUS Seattle’s own fabulous Nerd Rock band, KIRBY KRACKLE – see




Supanova Proudly Announces the Australian Comic Book Industry Awards!

Supanova’s roots, and our first love, has always been comic books. We’re proud to announce the commitment to these roots in the form of Australia’s only dedicated comic book awards. The details, the criteria, the awesomeness is still under wraps but will be revealed soon, allowing plenty of time for creators, publishers and fans alike to prepare for Melbourne Supanova 2013 and the first of this annual event.

Taking the mantle of the respected but sadly inactive Ledger Awards, Supanova will be running this important event with the blessing of The Ledgers’ founder legendary Australian comics creator Gary Chaloner. Named after pioneering Australian cartoonist Peter Ledger (1945–1994), the awards were first held in 2005 to help promote and focus attention on Australian creators and their projects, both in Australia and overseas. We’re committed to making The Ledgers inclusive, transparent and relevant. But most of all, we’re committed to helping Australian comic books stay awesome!

Much, much more very soon but in the meantime please send all inquiries via email to


Posted Friday, May 11th, 2012

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