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Meet the Bulgarian Bon-Bon at Supanova!

The Durmstrang Champion Viktor Krum flies to our rescue!

Stanislav Ianevski plays the brooding, burly Bulgarian, Viktor Krum, in the Harry Potter movie franchise, and he’s soon to visit Supanova fans in Sydney and Perth!

Stan has just joined Supanova’s all-star cast for the imminent expo tour, and we’re very excited to have Durmstrang’s International-level Quidditch Seeker as one of our constellation of celebrity guests.

As Viktor Krum, Stan had an important role in The Goblet of Fire as a Triwizard Tournament competitor for Harry, a possible love interest for Hermione, and Professor Moody’s bewitched slave who brings about the demise of Cedric Diggory [Robert Pattinson]. As well as bringing Viktor Krum to the silver screen, Stan has also appeared in the Hostelhorror movie series and the UK feature film Resistance. In his native Bulgaria he appears in Pod Prikritie [Undercover], a popular TV series about an undercover cop embedded within the local mafia.

Viktor will be signing autographs and posing for portraits with fans at Supanova’s SupaSstar Signing Area in both Sydney and Perth, as well as sharing juicy behind-the-scenes tales from the set at his panel and Q&A in each city. Meet Stan in person to find out if he is really “A ruddy pumpkinhead” (as Ron believed) or, as The Daily Prophet reports, the Bulgarian bon-bon!


Adam bows out of this tour due to work.

Adam ‘Jayne’ Baldwin of Firefly must postpone his Supanova appearance

Supastar Adam Baldwin’s trip to Australia has fallen victim to his own popularity as an actor. Adam, a performer beloved of fans of Firefly, Serenity, Castle, Chuck and The X-Files has been cast in a brand-new, top-secret production and so he can no longer attend this tour for Supanova. he sends his apologies and hopes to visit Supanova in the near future.

Posted Friday, May 18th, 2012

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