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Larry Cohen: supa-star writer and director

Larry Cohen was born in Kingston, New York, USA and is an American film producer, director, and screenwriter. His sister Ronni Chasen was a publicist who worked with him beginning early in his film career. He moved to the Riverdale, Bronx area of New York City at an early age, and he later majored in Film studies at the City College of New York. He exhibited a voracious appetite for films as a child, visiting the movie theatres at least twice a week and, most of them being Double features, the young Cohen managed to consume at least four movies a week.

His own career in film began during the 1950s when he worked for NBC television network: it was while working at NBC that he learned how to produce teleplays and, shortly after, began writing his own television scripts. He solely created the TV series The Invaders and also scripted episodes of The Defenders and The Fugitive.

He is best known however as a B-Movie auteur of horror and science fiction films – often containing a police procedural element – during 1970s and 1980s. His more notable films of this period include Q: The winged God and many of the Maniac Cop series.

Cohen began the 1990s with his film The Ambulance starring Eric Roberts. The film is set in New York City and is focused on Josh Baker (Roberts), an aspiring comic book artist, who investigates a string of disappearances: people who are picked up by a mysterious ambulance never reach the city hospital. The Ambulance features cameos by Stan Lee, Larry Hama and Jim Salicrup of Marvel Comics.

He has since concentrated mainly on screenwriting including the Joel Schumacher thriller Phone Booth, Cellular and Captivity. In 2006 Cohen returned to the directing chair for the Mick Garris-created Masters of Horror TV series; he directed the episode Pick Me Up.

Larry looks forward to meeting all his fans at both the Brisbane and Adelaide expos in 2012. There are signing* and photo* sessions throughout each Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) excluding breaks and there’s a general admission Q&A during each weekend. Larry will also be speaking as a part of Directors Day in Brisbane on the Friday of the event.

* Autograph and photograph fees apply.

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