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Kick Ass Interview with Aaron Johnson

As a special Supanova Interview in conjunction with (Cool) Shite on the Tube, Bruce and Quinny were lucky enough to talk to, Aaron Johnson, star of the upcoming superhero action comedy “Kick Ass.” Aaron is the title character, Kick Ass, a normal everyday Joe who decides to do something many of us have contemplated and that’s become a superhero! This interview was made possible by the good folks at NBC Universal.

Quinny: You play Dave, who gets into a costume and decides to kick ass, is that about right Aaron?

Aaron: Yeah that’s about right, yeah! (laughs)

Quinny: Fantastic! So, first and foremost, what’s the process for you for getting in the mindset for being “Kick Ass”?

Aaron: I think for Dave it’s usually all about confidence, you know? He’s really a nobody in school, and has nothing special about him so he dresses up as a superhero. When he puts the outfit on he feels like he’s invincible and can take on the world. He puts on this confidence barrier and tries to fight crime but doesn’t do too well.

Bruce: How daunting was it being cast in this superhero film?

Aaron: It wasn’t so daunting because, when we made it is, well we never sort of realized that it would get so much hype at the moment, I mean it was all independently funded and Matthew (Vaughn), the director, would aways make jokes that we were just making a big budget home video thing, because we didn’t have any distributors. So at that point it wasn’t really so daunting because it felt majorly kind of “homey” and not so huge or something to be scared of.

Quinny: I assume the scope of it really kicked in some time around when the posters came out?

Aaron: We have kind of gone around and done a load of press screenings and all sorts of tests in LA and it gets a good response. Its got a good crowd following it over there, a lot of comic book fans. So it’s kind of gone off on its own steam really. It’s really lucky.

Quinny: Aaron I’ve read growing up that you weren’t particularly into comics or anything like that, and weren’t hugely into super heroes, so who were your heroes or what was your passion growing up?

Aaron: Yeah I wasn’t from the comic book world really, I didn’t read a lot of comic books but i did watch a lot of the Batman movies, I was a fan of Batman. But yeah, other heroes, I don’t know if I had one, or people I looked up to. I’m not too sure. Not that I can remember. I watched a lot of Batman stuff and I liked that.

Quinny: Nothing wrong with Batman, he is pretty awesome.

Bruce: So, if you could have a super power what would it be?

Aaron: Mmmm… (Laughs) I should probably think about that one right? I dunno. I guess you always get that question, but to have a super power would be just to do anything really; walk through walls of something like that. I don’t know. I wouldn’t be flying or anything though. I’ll have to think about that one properly… I should probably have that one prepared right? (Laughs)

Quinny: I reckon you’re gonna get that one a few times before the whole press thing is over and done with. Now I want to know, are you, Aaron Johnson, in any way Kick Ass?

Aaron: Ahhh… Not really…

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Posted Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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