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A funny thing happened on the way to the convention…

He's coming back, Back in the Future!

As Christopher Lloyd was waiting for his ride to the airport on Wednesday (that’s Thursday morning, Australian time), right before his flight to Brisbane for Supanova, he received a surprising phone call. He has just been cast in a new TV series which will go into production on Friday April 1. With that commencement date, you’d almost think they were joking, but it’s true: Christopher has had to send the driver away, unpack his bags, and postpone his trip to Australia.

Given this unexpected turn of events, Christopher sent this personal message to all his fans:

“Sorry to have to postpone my trip to Australia. Was packed and waiting for the car when I was informed I was just booked today to film a pilot for NBC to start filming on April 1. I was very much looking forward to meeting everyone who attended the Supanova events in both Brisbane and Melbourne. I look forward to coming to Australia soon!”


The Supanova team understands that many fans will be as stunned and disappointed as we initially were… but all is not lostA huge announcement is about to be made on Friday night at Supanova’s Opening Ceremony in Brisbane which will offer a solution for Christopher’s fans in both Brisbane and Melbourne. Keep an eye on our news feed and follow @SupanovaExpo on Twitter for updates!

All of us at Supanova also want to say a big “thank you” to you, our patrons, for your support of the event and for understanding that this is simply a postponement and good news is on the way.


Christopher Lloyd makes his apologies.

Posted Thursday, March 31st, 2011

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