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Films Revealed for Brisbane’s “Directors’ Day”

Directors’ Day continues to get bigger and bigger! We’re pleased to announce the first batch of films we will be screening throughout the day, please check our   Directors’ Day activities page for more details on content and age restrictions.

Our current line-up of both short & feature films include:

Dying Ice

Synopsis: In a world where the sun never sets, Humans and Ashen co-exist in a constant state of tension and ill ease. The Humans, once keepers of a great society have made questionable decisions that have forced them to move deep underground in order to survive, away from the withering heat above.

The Ashen, a superior race unmatched by humans in speed and strength, in contrast, have used their inherited wisdom of the years and natural order to help them thrive in the harshness of the conditions above the ground.

When Dying Ice, a precious mineral used to cool the inhabitants of this world, is used in a trade for a noble Ashen girl, a betrayal is revealed that will throw this world into the beginnings of a war.

Street Angel

Synopsis: When Doctor Pangea, “the world’s deadliest geologist”, escapes from prison with plans to destroy Earth as we know it, the city turns to its unlikely champion: 14 year old homeless girl – and kungfu skateboarding superhero – Street Angel!

Street Angel is adapted from Issue #1 of the cult comic book series “Street Angel” created by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.


Synopsis: After a bungled bank heist 15 years ago, Nick, who was blinded after being beaten in prison, is plagued with guilt over the death of his partner, Michael. He enlists the help of three teenage thieve to get back the blood diamond he stashed in the prison in which he was incarcerated.

Nick tells them the story about him and Michael and how they were there to smuggle blood diamonds out of Sierra Leone. However, upon witnessing the tragedy of the locals, they decided to steal the blood diamonds to help. It was during this robbery that Michael was killed.

The three plot their entry in, and out of the prison – but by Nick’s direction – without casualties.

Carmilla Hyde

Synopsis: Millie Jackson, a nerdish introverted virgin, shares an old crumbling mansion with fellow uni student Sara. Sara’s friend Britt, desperate to move in, hatches a cruel and cunning plot to push Millie out. Party drugged, Millie is seduced by Sara’s boyfriend Nathan, to awake, naked and confused, with no memory of the night before. Deep in denial, Millie is confronted by startling images of her night of passion, filmed and mailed through the internet.

Distraught, confused and plagued by conflicting emotions, Millie seeks help from her family psychiatrist Dr Charles Webster. During hypnosis, Dr Webster unwittingly awakes Millie’s repressed alter ego, unleashing the wild, sexy Carmilla Hyde. Armed by a post-hypnotic trigger, Millie now has the perfect vehicle to take her revenge… to beat her tormentors at their own game of cruel deception.

But the battle is with more than just her housemates. Plagued by childhood memories, and with her alter ego Carmilla slowly taking over, she returns to Dr Webster in a desperate bid to regain control.

Keep checking here and on the Facebook page for any further films that may be added to the roster!

Posted Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

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