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April 1st, Go Through the Looking Glass On D-Day!

We’re proud to present, with FILMINK, our second annual Directors’ Day, or D-Day as we like to call it! This year we’re featuring panels, screenings and sneak previews with some of Australia’s leading creators with a focus on Queensland based productions… plus one really cool international guest!

To whet your appetite, we are delighted to announce JOSEPH SIMS (writer/director), LUKE McDONALD (composer, from the John Steel Singers), KRIS MARIC (producer) and star JOHN JARRAT (Australia’s favourite psycho killer from WOLF CREEK), who’ll present a panel and the world premiere of the theatrical trailer for upcoming comedy/crime/thriller BAD BEHAVIOR.

See the cast & crew of BAD BEHAVIOUR on D-Day!

There’s also CHRIS BROWN (Producer, DAYBREAKERS, TRIANGLE, THE PROPOSITION) who will join us to talk about his upcoming action/thriller, BAIT, where a group of Aussies are trapped by a Tsunami in a shopping mall with a pack of hungry tiger sharks!

BAIT's producer, Chris Brown, is in the house!

Then there’s LINE DISCONNECT that we’re screening in its entirety with an intro with the director himself, Joseph Wong.

Intro by producer/director, Joseph Wong.

As for our international guest, we’re welcoming Mike McFarland, the producer and director of the English language dub of EVANGELION 1:11 & 2:22. Its a huge coup especially since we’re screening the film as part of our Opening Night ceremony so make sure you get to this panel to better understand what goes on behind the scenes in translating these incredible projects into English.

Join English dub director, Mike McFarland!

Lastly, look for more confirmations from landmark TV shows such as Spielberg’s TERRA NOVA, SANCTUM (Ioan Gruffudd), SINGULARITY (Josh Hartnett, Olga Kurylenko) and IRON SKY (Space Nazis!).

And remember, if the Supanova expo is about celebrating the finished product, D-Day is about going through the looking glass and finding out how Wonderland really works.

Posted Monday, March 7th, 2011

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