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Collaborative Con-sciousness @ Supanova 2012, Melbourne & the Gold Coast!

In this, Supanova’s tenth massive year, we are continuing our tradition of working within the community of events and businesses, to bring you the fans the best that pop-culture can offer!  These collaborative partnerships allow us to deliver amazing guests and opportunities that we may not otherwise have been able to by ourselves. It is with this in mind that we are pleased to officially announce the following guests for our April 2012 tour and the partnerships they represent…

In con-junction with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for the Melbourne expo only:

  • Wil Wheaton – ‘Wesley Crusher’ from Star Trek: The Next Generation is all grown up and now is one of the best known bloggers in the world. He’s also the mind behind “Wootstock” with recurring roles on fan favourites Eureka, The Guild and Big Bang Theory!
  • Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub – The Creator of PvP, one of the words best loved webcomics and his co-Penny Arcade TV performer (Blamimations & The Kris & Scott Show).

They are in town for the fantastic “Video Games Unplugged” the details for which can be found HERE. It promises and evening of beautiful music from such gaming classics as Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy and even Uncharted 2!

In con-junction with our cultural partner, with the Gold Coast Film Festival, for the Gold Coast expo only:

  • Alan Dean Foster – Ghost writer of Star Wars known to many as the “King of the Novelisation” whose own fantasy and sci-fi series include the Commonwealth and Spellsinger series.
  • Shane Rangi – Stuntman and actor for some of the biggest films of all time including the Chronicles of Narnia films, the Lord of the Rings series, James Cameron’s Avatar and most recently Steven Spielberg’s Adventures of Tintin!

Further, working in con-junction with SwanCon, for the Melbourne & the Gold Coast expos:

  • Brandon Sanderson – Fantastic international bestselling author and the man charged with finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga.

And finally, the cherry on the cake to top it all off, in con-junction with Gifts for the Geek, for both Melbourne & the Gold Coast expos:

  • Cliff Simon – The system lord you love to loathe, Stargate SG-1’s ‘Baal’!
  • Gil Gerard – Nostalgic Supa-Star of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (yes, we’ve already announced Gil, but we forgot to mention his GFTG sponsorship – sorry!)

Without these partners Supanova wouldn’t be as diverse or as rich a tapestry, for you our fans, so we thank them for all their help and support while celebrating with you the collaborative spirit that allows us all to work together!

From Start Trek Next Gen to Big Bang, we love Wil Wheaton!

Posted Monday, January 30th, 2012

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