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Comic-Book Supa-Stars Claremont and Capullo Head to Oz!

Comic-books are our heart and soul here at Supanova and we would feel pretty lost without some big name comic-book Supa-Stars on our guest list. So it’s with great pleasure we can announce two huge names making their way down under for our Brisbane and Melbourne Shows!

  • Chris Claremont: The longest running writer on The Uncanny X-Men and creator of such characters as Rogue, Gambit and even Sabretooth.
  • Greg Capullo: Brilliant artist on Angela, The Creech, The Haunt and Supa-Star of Spawn and Batman/Spawn.

Then on top of the international additions we’re really pleased to also add some domestic spice in announcing…

  • Jeffrey \’Chamba\’ Cruz: Udon’s Streetfighter comics have never looked cooler than when Chamba illustrates them.
  • Jon Sommariva: Between Go Boy 7 for Dark Horse and Gemini for Image, Jon’s star is but beginning to rise.

In adding these guests to our already awesome line-up its party time for fans of comic-books at this year’s April tour of Brisbane and Melbourne!

Classic Wolverine #1 written by Supa-Star, Chris Claremont

Awesome Spawn art of Greg Capullo!

Posted Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

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