Hang Onto Your Hats… Changes, Cancellations and other Circumstances!

It’s sadly often the case that cancellations do happen and invariably right at the last minute. These changes are of course frustrating but entirely part of the business and most of the time its done because the stars you love are being called to do even more work! The following changes are for both the Brisbane and Adelaide shows and we, of course, apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hand of Fate Changes D-Day Lineup

Due to unforeseen issues, neither Larry Cohen nor Felicia Day will be able to attend D-Day, Friday 9th November in Brisbane. Felicia will now arrive at Supanova on Saturday and will be with us for the full tour. However, Larry Cohen is no longer able to attend Supanova at all and so we bid him farewell from the line-up until a new opportunity presents itself.

The revised schedule for D-Day now includes:1. B-MOVIE MANIACS: explore the A to Z of B-Movie making with these professionals! [1:15-2:30PM]
Genre movie expert Dr Mark Ryan in conversation with actress LAURENE LANDON (MANIAC COP), entertainer CASSANDRA PETERSON, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (official), and director/producer, MICHAEL SPIERIG. (Daybreakers)
2. LET’S SING… THERE’S ZOMBIES OUTSIDE! Staged reading of a new screenplay seeks feedback and… Brains! [2:45 – 3:45pm]
Let’s Sing… There’s Zombies Outside! is a zombie musical feature film created by writers Candice Deere and Mark Deere and developed through the Screen Queensland Writers’ Room initiative. Actors will read from the script and give D-Day’s audience a sneak peek of the new screenplay. Brisbane-based producer Glenn Wilkinson and the creative team invite the audience to get involved in the production by giving feedback on how to make this the best zombie movie possible.

3. WEB SERIES MAVENS: Creating a hit web series [4:00 – 4:15]
Hoodlum’s Nick and Lara in conversation with: Felicia Day’s producer on The Flog, BRIT WEISMAN, and Official Star Trek Continues & Fallout: Nuka Break web series, VIC MIGNOGNA.

The luck of the Knights strikes… TWICE!

Due to new roles in upcoming productions two of Merlin‘s Knights of the Round Table have ridden into the sunset for this tour.

Eoin Macken and Rupert Young have both been cast in new productions and have had to postpone their trip “down-under”. We hope to have them with us again on a future tour with Eoin having already promised to be back next November if at all humanly, i.e. contractually, possible!

Shock Horror!!

Long-time Supanova favourite author Marianne De Pierres  will not be able to attend our Brisbane event, however we are thrilled to announce that Australian Horror fiction writer, WILL ELLIOT has agreed to step in. His debut novel The Pilo Family Circus was published in Australia in 2006 after winning the inaugural ABC Fiction Award and was short-listed for the 2007 International Horror Guild Award, up against, among others, Stephen King!

Will will be appearing exclusively at the Brisbane Supanova Expo on all three days of the event.

And finally some exciting news for the Spike (James Marsters) fans out there:

Spike Spectacular gets even more… Spectacular!

We have some great news for our Spike Spectacular ticket-holders after waiting for official confirmation from James Marsters! As part of the experience James will be personally meeting with you prior to his concert and including you, exclusively, in his sound check as he prepares. This is the first time he has done so in Australia and thought it would be a nice touch in letting you, his most enthusiastic fans, behind the curtain of his preparations.

We think its awesome of James to add this element especially since his fans had already committed to seeing him without this extra benefit.For anyone else wanting to jump aboard tickets are still available so you don’t have to miss out if this sounds awesome to you.
See you all very soon and we hope your heads aren’t spinning too badly.


Posted Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

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