Cassandra James and T-Rex Jones Are Feeling “So Fly”, Like the G-6!

Supanova is the home of Aussie comics and the place to go to meet the best in local talent as well as the cream of the international crop. We’re Supa-pleased to welcome to our Melbourne and Gold Coast expos a fantastic female force of the pen and paper, a drawing dinosaur of awesome skill as well as Australia’s first comic creator Super-Team: The G-6!

Cassandra James: (Melbourne Exclusive) The iinet 2011 Top Geek and  Supa-Star Artist on The Toxic Avenger and other Tromatic Tales, The Gathering and Valentine.

Tristan \”T-Rex\” Jones: (Melbourne Exclusive) Supastar of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters fame, now creator of Sebastian Hawkes!

The Super-Team known as the G-6 are as follows…

Leigh Blackmore: Awesome horror creator now writing Thongor of Lost Lemuria and The Return of Zoth-Ommog!

W.Chewie Chan: Artist on Iron Man and The Phantom as well as sensational designer on Justice League: Mortal and artist on Superman Returns and Happy Feet!

Jason Franks: Brilliant writer (and occasional penciler) of The Sixsmiths, Bloody Waters and The McBlack Series.

Paul Mason: Creator and driving force behind The Soldier Legacy and guest spots in Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes.

Jan Scherpenhuizen: Supa-creator of The Twilight Age, artist on Wolverine Doombringer and Lost in Space!

Chris Sequeira: Prolific writer of Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, X-Men, Cthulhu Tales and many more!

The G-6 will be appearing at both the Melbourne and Gold Coast expos!

Cassandra jame's Awesome Catwoman piece!

Cassandra jame’s Awesome Catwoman piece!

Posted Friday, February 1st, 2013

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