Melbourne & Gold Coast Tickets On Sale March 1st!

Brian Bendis MasterClass Opens up for ALL Preview Night Fans!

Its an exciting time for us! We’re experiencing fantastic pre-sales in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast and as such we’ve decided to open up both the Comic-Book MasterClass events on the Friday Preview Nights so that ALL fans attending can enjoy them at no extra charge as a thank you for your amazing support!

For current pass-holders Foxtix will be in touch shortly to refund you the difference in price between the normal weekend Supa-Fan Pass and the MasterClass one.

In Melbourne that means that the exclusive special event masterclass in web-comics with Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub (PvP, Blanimations and Penny Arcade TV), and then another hour of traditional comic-book storytelling from ‘Marvel Architect’ Brian Michael Bendis is FREE!

Then on the Gold Coast its a TWO HOUR brain dump from the Marvel maestro Brian Michael Bendis.

Both these MasterClasses start at 7.00pm on their respective Friday nights and are now open to ALL Supa-Fan Pass holders!

What more can we say other than THANK YOU and ENJOY 🙂

The "Marvel Architect" behind Ultimate Spider-man!


Posted Sunday, April 8th, 2012

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