BANDAI GunPla Builders World Cup Returns for Supanova Gold Coast

Zombster is pleased to announce that it will be bringing the Gold Coast Qualifier to Supanova Gold Coast. The winners of the competition will have their model kits entered into the 2012 Australian finals held in Sydney.

GunPla (Gundam Plastic) models are an international hobby sensation that started over 30 years ago with the initial Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Over the years, GunPla has evolved to become an interesting model kit experience with no paint or glue required. GunPla hobby enthusiasts also add custom paint jobs and unique modifications. BANDAI GunPla Builders World Cup challenges these hobbyists to bring their works of art forward and have them showcased for all to appreciate.

Winners of the event receive prize bundles including entry into the Australian Finals held in Sydney at the SMASH event on Saturday, 14th of July 2012.

Australia first joined the international circuit only two years ago in 2010 with its first event at SMASH in Sydney. Now cities all over Australia have been organizing local competitions to send their region’s representatives to the Australian finals.

There will be two categories for entry into the 2012 Gold Coast Qualifier competition – Standard and Advanced. An entrant may enter once for each category. For more information on the competition, including the categories, registration, regulations, and prizes, please visit or visit the Zombster store at Toowong Village. Please direct all inquiries regarding the event to Zombster.

Registration closes on the 18th of April. All entries must be pre-registered. Zombster cannot receive entries that have not been pre-registered. Registration is free, but entry into Supanova is required for participation in the competition.

Brisbane entrants are welcome to enter again, but be sure to bring something new to show.

Posted Saturday, February 25th, 2012

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