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Bandai GunPla Builders World Cup Coming to Supanova!

More fantastic news as, thanks to Zombster, the Official Brisbane Qualifying Round of the Bandai GunPla Builders World Cup is coming to Supanova in Brisbane, November 4 to 6. Winners of the competition will have their model kits entered into the 2012 Australian finals held in Sydney.

GunPla (Gundam Plastic) models are an international hobby sensation that started over 30 years ago with the initial Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Over the years GunPla has evolved to become an interesting model kit experience with no paint or glue being required to put these marvels of engineering together.  GunPla hobby enthusiasts also enjoy adding custom paint jobs and modifications to create their own unique works of art.  Bandai GunPla Builders World Cup challenges these hobbyists to bring their works of art forward and have them showcased for all to appreciate.

The Bandai GunPla Builders World Cup brings together the finest works from each participating country around the world in one world cup event in Hong Kong each year.  Australia joined the international circuit last year with its first event at SMASH in Sydney.  Now set to be the stage for the Australian finals, cities all over Australia have been organizing to send their state’s representative to the Australian finals for a chance at international glory.  Zombster is pleased to announce that it will be bringing the Brisbane Qualifier to Supanova Brisbane.

There will be two categories for entry into the competition – Standard and Advanced.

  • The Standard Category is for all of the “out-of-box” builds, which allows for custom paint jobs, but no modifications or dioramas.  Awards will be given out for the Best 1/100 or Greater Scale, Best 1/144 Scale, Best SD (Super Deformed), Best Junior Class (ages 14 and under) and People’s Choice for Best Standard.
  • The Advanced Category is the masterclass of the competition.  Modifications are highly recommended as are custom built dioramas.  Instead of awards by scale, the best three are awarded First, Second and Third place.  Matching awards are given to the Junior Class (ages 14 and under).  There is also the People’s Choice for Best Advanced.

The most important regulation in the competition is that an Official Bandai GunPla model kit must be used.

People’s Choice voting will start Saturday 10 AM and when the doors close at 6 PM.  So it is essential that all entries are in by closing on Friday night, 7 PM sharp.  Votes will be counted and the winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony Sunday afternoon.  All other awards will be judged by an anonymous group of judges during the weekend.

Artists, modellers, hobbyists, anime fans, the challenge is on.

For more information on the competition including registrations, visit and click the event link or visit the Zombster store at Toowong Village.  Registration closes on the 29th of October.  Registration is free, but entry into Supanova is required.

Zombster was founded in 2008 as an anime source for Brisbane’s western suburbs.  They have grown to become one of the largest independent sources of anime and manga in Australia, Queensland’s largest source for GunPla Model Kits, and an impeccable source of pop-culture t-shirts from anime, TV, movies and more.  They can be found at Shop 32, Gallery Level of Toowong Village, 9 Sherwood Road, Toowong QLD or at

Bandai was founded in 1950 as a manufacturer of toys and models.  It started producing GunPla model kits in 1980 after the success of their anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam.  Since then Bandai has expanded the range across many scales and grades.  To honour the GunPla 30th anniversary, it built the famous 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam in Japan that was on show for a limited time in Tokyo and Shizuoka.  They have yet to produce a purchasable model kit of this in 1:1 scale.

Posted Monday, September 5th, 2011

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