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2011 is ASUKA-PALOOZA at Supanova!!!

After having such a lovely time with all of you at Brisbane and Melbourne three of our wonderful guests have decided to comeback Downunder for another tour, this time to Sydney and Perth!  It is with much excitement that we bring to you Two Girls, A Guy and a GIANT EVA MECH! Please welcome back…
  • Yuko Miyamura: The original Seiyu (voice-actor) of Asuka from the Japanese language Evangelion series and movies!
  • Tiffany Grant: Best known for playing Asuka in the English dubs of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and many other roles
  • Matt Greenfield: Producer extraordinaire and the man behind AD Vision as well as the Western Evangelion Phenomenon!
These three Supa-Stars add on to the already awesome line-up for the Sydney and Perth shows making us even more excited for June!

Yuko and Tiffany are 'Asuka' from Evangelion!

Posted Friday, April 29th, 2011

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