Hot Tips to Help You Enjoy Supanova

These hot tips will help to ensure you have a blast at Supanova. Feel free to ask questions on our forum, or ask volunteers and event staff on the day.

Pick up a copy of the Event Programme at the door

Found in your Event Showbag or available at the Information booth, this programme has been designed so that everything you’ll need to know about the expo is at your fingertips, along with discounts with some of our exhibitors, and special games and prizes. Make sure you check the maps, timetables and guest guides so you can get the most out of your Supanova experience. Also in your showbag are vouchers, special deals and promos and maybe even a few surprises!

Be excellent to each other

As an all-ages event, Supanova is intended as a friendly and fun place where everyone can feel included so please be kind to your fellow fans. Even though it’s a busy convention, we want to create an atmosphere of a big ol’ geek party!

Take care out there

Please take good care of yourself, your friends, and your belongings. Be sun-smart when outdoors, and drink plenty of water. Also, be careful with your possessions – you don’t want to lose something special you’ve just purchased or had signed.

Celebrate your inner hero

Many patrons attend Supanova in costume or cosplay. If you could like to take someone’s photo, please ask their permission first and be mindful not to block pathways or create a traffic jam whilst doing so. Supanova encourages a diverse and colourful cosplay community – everyone deserves equal respect! Harassment will not be tolerated.

Where are your kids?

For parents and guardians: as you enter Supanova, agree on a place to meet your child if she or he somehow gets lost at the expo. At Supanova’s Information Desk (see the map in your event guide), you can pick up a Lost Child ID Wristband so you can be contacted if your child becomes separated from you. If you need to report a lost child, please do so at the Information Desk.

Mature content

Supanova is a family event and our retailers are responsible folks, but some exhibitors stock material that is intended for a mature audience. Please take this into consideration if you’d like to prevent your children from stumbling across certain subjects. Please be aware that (despite Supanova’s guidelines) the celebrities’ language in the live Supa-Star panels can occasionally be “colourful”. Classification ratings for the anime screenings are posted in the relevant theatres.

Volunteers: the heart and soul of Supanova

Supanova’s terrific team of friendly volunteers are here to help you. Whether they are directing patrons in the outdoor precinct, on the trading floor, in the Supa-Star signing area, or in the theatres, their goal is to provide assistance and information to you, our valued patrons. If you have a special needs access request (e.g. in Q&A panels or autograph lines) due to a disability or mobility requirement, please approach a volunteer and let them know what you need because they can assist you.

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