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2010 Guests

Alex Meraz Profile The Twilight Saga
Charisma-Carpenter-Profile-Ver-A Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed
Guest-SN10-SP-Chaske-Spencer-Version1A Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Eclipse,
christian-tamblyn-Profile Dragon of the Second Moon
Guest-SN10-SP-Colin-Wilson-Version2A 2000AD, Star Wars: Invasion, The Rocketeer
Corin Nemec Profile Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Jonas Quinn in Stargate SG-1
Daniel-Logan-Guest Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars Animated Series
Dave-DeVries-profile Batman, The Phantom, Southern Squadron
Dichen-Lachman-Profile Neighbours, Dollhouse
Doug Holgate Zinc Alloy, Horror High, Mad Magazine
Dylan Horrocks Guest Batgirl, Hunter: Age of Magic, Hicksville
Eliza-Dushku-Guest Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tru Calling
Gareth-David-Lloyd-Profile-D Torchwood, I Am Alone
George Perez Profile Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Teen Titans
Greg Connors guest 2 The Dark Lurking, Netherworld
Iron-Sky-Profile Star Wreck in the Pirkinning, Iron Sky
James-Marsters-Profile-2015-Version-B Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Torchwood
Jeffrey-Chamba_Cruz-Profile-A Street Fighter II: Turbo, Skullkickers, Wayward
Jennifer Fallon Profile Hythrun Chronicles, Second Sons, The Immortal Prince, Stargate SG-1
Guest-SN10-SP-Joe-Kubert-Version1A Joe Kubert School, Conan artist, Hawkman Artist,
Justin-Randall-Profile-Version-A Changing Ways, Silent Hill, 30 Days of Night
Karl Urban Profile Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Riddick
Kate-Bell-Guest Street Angel, Home and Away, Blue Water High
Kathryn Immonen Guest Runaways, Moving Pictures, Pixie Strikes Back
Larry-Bagby-Profile Larry in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Walk the Line
Laura Bailey Profile Chun-Li in Streetfighter IV, Dragonball Z, Bloodrayne
Leah Gibson Guest Caprica, Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Liam OBrien Profile Gaara from Naruto, Nightcrawler from Wolverine and the Xmen
Guest-SN10-SP-Lou-Ferrigno-Version2A Pumping Iron, Incredible Hulk (TV), Hulk (Film)
Lucas-Testro-Guest Street Angel Director, Jigsaw Girl
Marcelo-Baez-Profile Marvel Superhero Squad, Diabla
Marrianne-DePierres-Profile-Version-A Author of the Parrish Plessis trilogy, Sentients of Orion & Peacemaker series'
2-Mark-Lutz-profile Angel, Victor, Ghost Whisperer
Marv Wolfman Profile Teen Titan, Blade, Crisis on Infinite Earths
Mary-Borsellino-Profile The Wolf House
Mary McDonnell Guest Laura Roslin, Batlestar Galactica, Dances with Wolves
Guest-SN10-SP-Michael-Winslow-Version2A Police Academy (Films), Spaceballs, Gremlins, Sound effects
Nicola-Scott-Profile Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Earth 2
Paul Jenkins Guest 2 World War Hulk, Wolverine Origins, Hellblazer
Rob Kaay Guest Silverbirch
Scott Sigler Profile Infected, The Rookie, Earthcore, Ancestor
stewart-mckenny-profile-a Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, DC Super Friends
Guest Stuart Immonen Ultimate Spiderman, New Avengers, Superman: Secret Identity
Profile-Summer-Glau-A Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator: TSCC, Arrow
Tara Platt Profile Temari from Naruto, Wonder Woman from DC vs. MK
The-Horseman-Profile The Horseman
Spierig-Brothers-guest Writers/Directors on Undead, Daybreakers
Tom-Taylor-Profile-D All-New Wolverine, The Deep, Injustice: Gods Among Us,
Travis Willingham profile Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist, Guile, Bleach
vic-mignogna-profile-version-a Fullmetal Alchemist, Star Trek Continues, Dragon Ball Z
Yuri Lowenthal Profile Ben from Ben 10: Alien Force

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