Thomas Edward Hopper (b. 28th of January, 1985) is a British actor who portays the character of sir Percival in the BBC series Merlin. His first appearance was in the final episode of Series 3, when his characer arrived with Lancelot just in time to save Arthur and Merlin. He was later knighted by Arthur before continuing to fight along side him in the re-taking of Camelot. Percival returned in Series 4, now one of Arthur’s best knights.
His other notable roles include playing Jeff in the Doctor Who episode “The Eleventh Hour”, which introduced the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. This makes him one of the many actors of Merlin to have appeared in Doctor Who as well as appearing in Merlin.

Tom’s favourite sports are Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Football (Soccer), Pool, Rugby, Sailing, Stage Combat, Swimming, Horse Riding and Tennis. He has a dog called Rufus,two brothers, named Ben and Jack, and a sister named Emily.

Tom looks forward to meeting all his fans at both the Sydney and Perth expos in 2013. There are signing* and photo* sessions throughout each Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) excluding breaks and there’s a general admission Q&A on the Sunday of each weekend.

* Autograph ($30 each) and photograph ($40 each) fees apply.

* Special EXCALIBUR Tickets (All 4 MERLIN Guests and extra Perks – $280 each – Details Here)

Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.


Previous Appearances

  • Adelaide 2012
  • Brisbane 2012
  • Perth 2013
  • Sydney 2013

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