Farmer started his career working for Director Sean S. Cunningham (Friday the 13th) where he worked on an early unused draft of Freddy vs. Jason and later received his first credit on “Jason X”. Farmer penned “Scarecrow” for Revolution Studios, which would later become “The Messengers” directed by the Pang brothers, and produced by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures.

Years later that original screenplay “Scarecrow” would spawn a second film, Messengers II. Between screenplays, Farmer has pursued his passion for comic books by partnering with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Thomas Jane (The Punisher) on the comic book series “Alien Pig Farm” and later “Insurgents” with producer F.J. DeSanto for DC comics. Farmer wrote “Monkey’s Paw” for RKO Pictures with Spanish director, Javier Gutierrez while adapting the video game Heavenly Sword for Sony.

But Farmer’s greatest successes have come through his partnership with editor/director Patrick Lussier. Farmer and Lussier helped launch the 3D revolution with My Bloody Valentine 3D. They have since teamed up as writers, co-writing Halloween 3D for Dimension Films and their most recent partnership, Drive Angry with Nic Cage before tackling development of a reboot for the Weinstein’s Hellraiser. Currently Farmer and Lussier are developing a remake for a Universal with Blumhouse (Paranormal Activity) and pitching a
one-hour dramatic TV series with producer, Mike De Luca. Meanwhile Farmer and producer Kerri Grisham have partnered up to produce slate of films with Screen Australia.


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