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Michael and Peter Spierig  are two of Australia’s best and brightest new or “Emerging” film makers. Born in Germany, but growing up in Brisbane, Michael studied graphic design at university, while Peter studied film and television at the same institute. A commercial director had watched a number of their short films and asked them to direct commercials for Australian Union, which they did for the next three years. After that the two agreed on pooling together their life savings and creating their first their first feature film, the ultra Low-Budget horror film Undead. It set the common trope of the zombie apocalypse against the backdrop of a small outback Australian town.

It received warm reviews and heaps of marketing assistance from online sources like Harry Knowles “Ain’t It Cool News”, which quickly secured it the position of “cult sensation” and brought it into the worldwide spotlight. This then allowed them move onto bigger projects with an even broader scope and paint with a bigger brush. Daybreakers was released in early 2010 to good critical reaction. Set in a distopian world in which vampires have take over the planet and humanity is now farmed for its last few drops of blood.

Peter and Michael’s next project is the directing chores on the highly anticipated sequel to the classic fantasy movie The Dark Crystal!

The brothers, Peter and Michael, are looking forward to seeing all their fans in Sydney at their daily Q&A panels. These panels will then be followed by FREE autograph sessions at the FILMINK Magazine booth.


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  • Brisbane 2010
  • Sydney 2010

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