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How long you have been cosplaying for?

18 months

List up to 5 previous costumes you’ve done

  • Many different versions of Fay (Tsubasa)
  • I’ve done quite a few versions Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
  • A whole lot of Vocaloid cosplays
  • Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)
  • Kiryuu Zero (Vampire Knight)

and many, many more! ^_^

What does cosplay mean to you and why do you love it?

Cosplay for me multiple different things; a creative outlet, a means of paying homage to amazing artists and writers and their characters, and amazingly fun hobby to do with friends! I haven’t been in the cosplay community for very long, but in that period I’ve met so many wonderfully kind and lovely people there’s absolutely no going back! It’s amazing to participate in an art-form which allows you to make friends who share similar interests and loves not only across Australia, but across the entire world. For me also, cosplay is an important means of expressing my admiration for the writers and animators who create my favourite characters. I only ever cosplay characters I really love, and I think it’s very important to put character and narrative into that cosplay – even if it’s just for a photoshoot!

What we can expect to see from you at the Grand Final?

All I’ll say for now, in the immortal words of Monty Python is… And now for something completely different! 8D


Previous Appearances

  • Cosplay Festival 2010

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