Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Ryan Robbins knew he wanted to be an actor at a young age. He attended arts oriented schools where he wrote, produced, directed and starred in high-school productions; having his first taste of Shakespeare at the age of twelve.
After high school, Ryan began his professional career as a circus performer; traveling to Australia to perform. After coming back to Canada, he went to Asia and in his early twenties, he was producing and directing for a production company in Malaysia.

Longing for a new creative outlet and now living in Vancouver, he helped form an experimental band, Hellenkeller. During that time, he was a struggling artist, believing in his art but also homeless; living in a van during the winter months. It all changed for Ryan one night while on stage performing with his band. He was discovered by a local filmmaker who launched his career into the world of film and television.

Robbins worked, for a time, at Mainframe Entertainment and did the motion capture body work for the robots in 1994 show ReBoot.

Ryan’s most recent projects include ‘The Guard,’ the number one new Canadian series that airs on Global TV. He also has a supporting role opposite Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson in the feature film ‘Passengers’  released in September 2008. He has also played the role of Raiden in the web-series Mortal Kombat: Legacy and in 2011 he starred in the horror film Apollo 18!

Ryan won the Best Actor at the Sacramento Film Festival for the film ‘When Jesse Was Born’ and has also won and been nominated for several Leo awards.

A character actor, Ryan is constantly reinventing himself; aspiring to keep each character fresh and unique. Ryan can be seen guest starring in reoccurring roles on ‘Blade,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Stargate: Atlantis,’ season 3 of ‘The Collector’ and the series lead in the CTV series’ Alice I Think.’ Ryan can also be seen playing lead roles in the independent films ‘Smile Of April,’ ‘Sheltered Life,’ ‘The Cabin Movie’ and ‘ When Jesse was Born’ (a multiple award winner). His other credits include ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Smallville,’ ‘Catwoman,’ ‘Caprica’, ‘Walking Tall,’ ‘The Days,’ ‘Kingdom Hospital’ and ‘The Bug’ (winner of three Leo awards). You can also see Ryan in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Taken’ and the highly acclaimed Spielberg mini-series’ Into the West.’

During his spare time, Ryan likes to spend most of his days with his daughter and looking for new projects; in particular independent films which are his passion. A passion that has paid off, as Ryan has won awards for these performances, often nominated opposite some very well known actors. Ryan is also still very active musically and is currently in the process of recording a new album.

When not spending time with his daughter, writing songs or researching new projects, Ryan also loves a ‘good fight.’ A big fan of the UFC and mixed martial arts; in general, he enjoys watching and training and is occasionally a recreational participant.

Unfortunately Ryan is unable to attend the Upcoming expos. We hope that he will be able to join us at an event soon!


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