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OUTLAND is a six-part comedy series about a gay science fiction fan club and the lives, loves and never-ending dramas of its five members.

There’s Max (Toby Truslove), insecure and looking for love; the sexually-adventurous, muffin-baking Andy (Paul Ireland); Rae (Christine Anu), the moral centre and unofficial head of the group; the high-camp, high-maintenance Fab (Adam Richard); and the wealthy but socially-inept Toby (Ben Gerrard). It’s an odd, and often precarious combination of personalities.

The five of them are forced to meet in each other’s homes when they are unceremoniously evicted from a larger science fiction club after Andy accidentally sets someone on fire. This new intimacy reveals parts of their lives that are far too personal for a club meeting.

OUTLAND is a series about belonging, no matter who you are, and how everyone searches to find a place to fit in.

Adam Richard:

A standup comedian since 1997, Adam has performed all over Australia, Britain and the USA. He began his gossip queen career as Triple J’s Mister Bitch (2002/3) and has spent the last seven years as The Fabulous Adam Richard, part of the top rating breakfast radio shows on Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox, Adelaide’s and Perth’s 92.9. Adam has appeared as a guest on such embarrassing ventures as Celebrity Dog School, Hole in the Wall, and The Footy Show. He has also appeared in more classy fare, like Sleuth 101, Rove and Spicks and Specks (where his impression of an Australian Idol audition remains the most viewed Spicks and Specks clip on YouTube).

Adam is also writer and co-creator of Outland.

John Richards:

John Richards started out as a stand-up comedian in Perth, where he also wrote the stage two-hander Not Of This Earth which played festivals in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. In 1992 he moved to Melbourne and joined radio station RRR’s successful comedy team The Third Ear. The Third Ear produced a regular sketch comedy show for three years, a critically-acclaimed sitcom for ABC’s Radio National (based on Not Of This Earth) and material for ABC TV and radio, including the television series Something Hot Before Bed.

In 2003 he was funded by Film Victoria to develop Happy Happy Radio, a feature film set in a community radio station, which had a live reading at Her Majesty’s Theatre. In 2006 he co-wrote and directed the short film Outland, which played in dozens of film festivals and was translated into five languages. A television series of Outland for ABC1 has just been completed by Princess Pictures (Summer Heights High). While touring festivals with Outland he filmed a documentary about gay science fiction fans.

Since 2008 he has been a presenter on the Chronos Award-winning podcast Boxcutters, he hosted the pop-culture jamboree The Outland Institute on Joy 94.9 in 2009 and with his Boxcutters co-host Josh Kinal has presented panels and events at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, The Wheeler Centre and various science fiction conventions.

Honestly, you should meet him.

Outland star Adam Richard and co-writer John Richards will be attending an exclusive Supanova 1 hour Q&A Sat 14 April followed by signing at the FILMINK Stand, to support the DVD release of OUTLAND – SERIES 1




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