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Marianne Curley

Marianne was born on the 20th of May, 1959 in Windsor, New South Wales, Australia. The youngest of four children, She lived with her family in a small timber house on a farm on the banks of the Hawkesbury River until a major flood caused the Hawkesbury River to break its banks and sweep away the family home and all their belongings.

She discovered her love of books at school when she was eight-years-old. The first novel that had an impact on her was the Charles Dicken’s classic, Oliver Twist. Then one day she read a novel written by Anya Seton called Katherine. This novel ignited her love for historical fiction. She still has this novel on her book shelf.

Marianne moved to Queensland in 2008 after all her children had grown up and left home to find work and go to university. By now she had four published novels. The first was Old Magic, published in the year 2000. It was extremely difficult to find a publisher but fortunately she had found an agent who loved the manuscript, but though he tried many Australian publishers, it was not until he decided to try London publishers that the book was sold within three weeks, with interest from three different publishers.

After writing Old Magic, she decided to expand on the concept of what might happen if someone purposefully tampered with the past, and the affect it would have on the present and the future. Before writing the Guardians of Time, she knew she wanted to write a story about three people – a brother, a sister, and a friend to form a love triangle and complicate things.  Ideas started to develop in consuation with her daughters, and before long the Guardians of Time Trilogy began to take shape. Today, the trilogy has enjoyed as much success in international sales as Old Magic.
In 2002, the Warner Bros Television production company took out a 12-month option with the idea of making a television series based on the Guardians of Time. A producer, director and a script for the pilot was commissioned. Unfortunately, when the 12 months option was due for renewal, the WB decided not to continue. Since then two other movie companies have shown interest in making the trilogy into feature films, but so far nothing has eventuated.

Marianne was diagnosed in 2004 with Myelofibrosis. It was a huge deal in her life and her family’s life. Without a stem cell bone marrow transplant  she was going to die. Fortunately her sister was a wonderful match and though she was given only 35% chance of surviving the transplant, with no other option, she enthusiastically embraced the transplant.  She spent months in hospital, in quarantine, undergoing high doses of chemotherapy. She lost her hair and nearly died from kidney failure and a host of other problems, but eventually came through it with the help of the life-saving medical staff of Westmead Hospital, her sister’s beautiful, healthy and abundant stem cells, the support of her family.

For a year after the transplant, she was unable to concentrate well enough to even read. But it gradually returned and she began writing again. She wrote a novel called “Chains” about two brothers of Italian descent named, Julian and Vincent, who lose their mother to cancer and battle through their grief in different ways. And while this manuscript is close to her heart, it may never be published.

But the good news is that she then completed a new novel called HIDDEN, and Hidden is the first instalment in the Avena Series, with begins with three books. Hidden was published in March 2013.

Marianne’s latest novel BROKEN is due to be released on 13.03.2014 and has an exclusive trailer released on website.

Marianne looks forward to seeing all her fans at the Gold Coast expo and will be appearing both days of the event between 11am and 5pm. She will also be appearing in a publicly accessible Q&A during the weekend.

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