With a proven track record in Film, Television, Comics, Online, and Video Games, four of the comic book industry’s most innovative professionals have consolidated their considerable talents and resources to form MAN OF ACTION, a Development/ Production House dedicated to writing, conceptualizing, and developing work of exceptional quality, commercial viability, and explosive creativity.

THINK TANK. DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. SCRIPT HOUSE. IDEA ENGINE. MAN OF ACTION is all this and more, currently employed in comics, video game development, animation, and film development… And they’ve just started.

The Creative teams behind such huge multimedia hits as the Ben 10 series, Generator Rex, Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes and now Ultimate Spider-Man and the Brand New Avengers Assemble!

FOUR VISIONS focused through ONE LENS with deadly creative accuracy.

Who are Man Of Action Studios?

Joe Kelly


Duncan Rouleau


Joe Casey


Steven T Seagle



Previous Appearances

  • Adelaide 2013
  • Brisbane 2013

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