Leigh is perhaps Australia’s leading expert on occult and horror fiction (dubbed ‘Mr Horror’ by the Australian press and ‘to horror, what Glen A Baker is to rock and roll.’) having written numerous pieces of critical analysis of the genre.

He is also a fiction writer mainly known for his extensive work in horror prose and weird verse, where he is a two-time Ditmar nominee. He has written of original characters and settings, and also worked with numerous popular characters including Sherlock Holmes and Dr Phibes.

His familiarity with the material of legendary fantasy editor and writer giant Lin Carter’s work includes writing on his occult detective Anton Zarnak, and one of Leigh’s oft-reprinted horror stories, “The Return of Zoth-Ommog” is also based on Lin Carter characters; all of which sets Leigh up well to take on the huge comic-book comeback of THONGOR OF LOST LEMURIA! The character is returning to comics (after his last run in MARVEL’s CREATURES ON THE LOOSE), at Supanova, in a series co-written by Leigh and sanctioned by the Estate of Lin Carter!

Leigh is thrilled to be working in the comics arena on new Thongor stories, but it’s not his first comics work: He has authored scripts for such Australian titles as Phantastique, Pulse of Darkness and Bold Action. Comicana magazine called his story for Phantastique “…a metaphysical approach to storytelling, a haunting, Lovecraftian tale of dark mystery.”.

Leigh is proud to appear at his first Supanova with a number of esteemed local comics creators including his co-scripter on Thongor, Christopher Sequeira, and artist Jan Scherpenhuizen.

Leigh is unfortunately unable to join us for this tour. We hope to see him at Supanova soon!


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