Lance lives outside NYC in the woods of Westchester County with his editor and chief and a pair of cats, one of which tells the funniest jokes.  He also has about  600 pounds of Legos.  An independent bookseller for several years, he now is Group VP of ReedPop ( which consists of an armful of pop culture events like New York Comic Con, The NY Anime Fest, C2E2, Star Wars Celebration, PAX, PAX East and UFC Fan Expo.

He oversees the team and events on a day to day basis. He also works on business development expanding ReedPOP domestically and globally, but really, he just tries to keep himself employed so he can keep feeding his Lego obsession.

He’s been known to accidentally punt from the opponent’s 10 in Super Tecmo Bowl, he prefers striped or argyle socks, and he’s tall enough that if you recline your seat on a flight in front of him, he’ll offer you hard cash not to.

Speaking of flights, he flew 140,000 miles last year around the globe growing ReedPOP on all corners of the earth.

Lance will be speaking about Pop Culture expos and Geek culture in general at a special panel at the Gold Coast Supanova Expo!



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  • Gold Coast 2012

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