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At age eleven, Joe began working in comic books as an apprentice for Harry “A” Chesler, a comics production house. He has worked in the field ever since, and his more than sixty year history in the medium includes producing memorable stories of such characters as HAWKMAN, TARZAN, ENEMY ACE, BATMAN, THE FLASH, AND SGT. ROCK for DC Comics Publishing Co. He also edited and illustrated SGT. ROCK. SGT. ROCK was published for 30 years until the 1990’s.

In 1952, he was a principle in the creation of the first 3-D comic book (MIGHTY MOUSE). During the 1960’s, he illustrated Robin Moore’s novel, TALES OF THE GREEN BERET, for the Chicago- Tribune New York News Syndicate. Some of the newspapers that it appeared in were the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, LOS ANGELES TIMES, etc. He has also been responsible for WINNIE WINKLE (Chicago- Tribune New York News Syndicate) and BIG BEN BOLT (King Features). Joe was an editor for DC Comics for a period of 25 years.
Joe has written and illustrated four graphic novels: “TOR”, “ABRAHAM STONE”, “FAX FROM SARAJEVO”, and “YOSSEL: APRIL 19, 1943”. He has illustrated “SGT. ROCK: BETWEEN HELL AND A HARD PLACE”, the graphic novel that was written by Brian Azzarello.

In 1996, Joe produced the award winning hard-cover book, FAX FROM SARAJEVO, the true story of Ervin Rustemagic (Joe’s friend and agent). Ervin was trapped with his family in the Bosnian war zone between the years 1992 to 1994. The only communication Ervin had with the outside world was through faxes. Based on these faxes, Joe created this illustrated documentary, FAX FROM SARAJEVO.

Joe’s new book, YOSSEL: APRIL 19, 1943, is now available at bookstores and at our art store (Cartoonist Supply Depot). This graphic novel is different than anything Joe has ever done. It centers on the Holocaust in a “what if” situation. This is Joes’s story told through his sketches. It is a compelling and unforgetable account of increasing horror depicted by an artist whose soul drives him to bear witness through his art.

In 1976, Joe also founded the first and only accredited school devoted solely to the art of Cartoon-Graphics. THE JOE KUBERT SCHOOL OF CARTOON AND GRAPHIC ART INC., Dover, NJ, has produced many of today’s leading cartoonists.
In October, 1998, Joe established JOE KUBERT’S WORLD OF CARTOONING, which produces a series of correspondence courses.
In 1999, Watson-Guptil published Joe’s new book, SUPERHEROES: JOE KUBERT’S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COMICS. This is an instructional book on the art of creating powerful comic book characters.

He is the recipient of many awards, as well as being a past vice-president of the National Cartoonist Society; a member of the Advisory Board for the International Museum of Cartoon Art; member of the New York Press Club; and the Society of Illustrators.
In many years as a cartoonist/illustrator, Joe Kubert has also applied himself in almost every area of Cartoon-Graphics, Cinematic Animation, and Computer Generated Graphics.
Muriel Kubert is a graduate of Rider College and holds a B.S. Degree in Business Administration.

Joe looks forward to meeting all his fans at the upcoming Supavova expos in Sydney and Perth in 2010.

* FREE signing sessions. Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.

Biography sourced from Joe’s Official Website


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