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George Perez Profile

George Pérez began his comics career in 1973, assisting Rich Buckler on a back-up story in Astonishing Tales. A year later, he was assigned by Marvel to do some stories for the ‘Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu‘ and ‘Creatures on the Loose‘ titles. He then became a regular artist on such comics as ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘The Inhumans and ‘The Avengers‘. He eventually left Marvel and joined DC, where he created his best remembered work, ‘The New Teen Titans’ with co-Supanova guest Marv Wolfman. He drew this title for four years, after which he took on the limited series ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths‘, again with Wolfman. He then drew the encyclopedic ‘History of the DC Universe‘ and had a run on ‘Wonder Woman‘, a comic for which he also wrote scripts.

He returned to Marvel again with the limited series The Infinity Gauntlet‘, ‘The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect‘ and ‘Sachs & Violens‘. He inked Gil Kane’s comic adaptation of ‘Jurassic Park‘ for Topps, and joined Malibu Comics to do the crossover mini-series Break-Thru as well as ‘UltraForce‘. He also did ‘I-Bots‘ at Tekno-Comix and returned to DC as the inker of Dan Jurgens’ rendition of ‘The Teen Titans‘. Perez returned to ‘The Avengers‘ in 1997. In addition, he began his own creator-owned mini-series ‘Crimson Plague‘ for Event Comics. At CrossGen, he took on ‘Solus‘ and ‘JLA/Avengers‘.

He recently came off a successful opening run on DC’s ‘The Brave and the Bold (vol. 2, 2007-present) with writer Mark Waid. Perez also worked on Infinite Crisis, the follow up to Crisis on Infinite Earths, as a fill in artist. He has recently worked on Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, meaning he has worked on every chapter of DC’s official Crisis trilogy. He is also working with Marv Wolfman on a direct-to-DVD movie adaptation of the “Judas Contract” story arc from Teen Titans.

He is currently co-chairman of the board of comic industry charity The Hero Initiative.

His recent works have included a run as a writer on Superman in the New 52, The New Teen Titans: Games hardcover graphic novel was published around the same time, reuniting the creative team of Wolfman and Pérez. He was the inker of the new Green Arrow series, also launched in the same timeframe, over artist Dan Jurgens’ pencils, reuniting the mid-1990s Teen Titans art team. Pérez and Kevin Maguire are alternating artists on a Worlds’ Finest revival written by Paul Levitz.

George Looks forward to meeting all his fans at both the Sydney and Perth Expos events in 2013. He will be appearing on Both days of each event between 11 am and 5 pm, and will be conducting at least one publicly accessible Q&A panel.

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Previous Appearances

  • Brisbane 2010
  • Melbourne 2010
  • Perth 2013
  • Sydney 2013

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